Bold Man Stands Before Anti-Trump Brats Holding Sign With 3 Perfect Words


Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the election, then you know that the DNC, The Clinton Foundation, and George Soros are funding the largest post U.S. Presidential election demonstrations and riots in history. Just as The Crooked One paid protesters to go to Trump rallies during the campaign, and start fights in an attempt to make Trump’s “deplorable” followers look bad, demonstrators are now being paid to rip our nation apart.

One man in Austin, Texas, recently stood alone, opposite Hundreds of angry and paid for rioters and held up a sign, that with just three simple words, put them all in their places.

Have a look:

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The crybaby whiners wanted a participation trophy to go with their rioting salaries, but instead, this man gave them the truth!

H/T Mad World News

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  • Charles Goff

    When I was a young boy and someone called me a Crybaby…… was the start of a fight. These Liberal Socialist Rioter’s for Hire have got no Fight in them. What a bunch of Wussie Snowflakes.