BLM Brat Has Disgusting Demand For White Farmer, Gets Priceless Response

blm brat white farmer

When it comes to a sense of entitlement, the members who make up the domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, take the cake!

A white farmer and his family in La Vergne, Tennessee were set up at a local farmers market this week.  A black woman wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt showed up, and the farmer refused her service. His reasoning was that he supported law enforcement, and he did not feel comfortable serving someone who supported domestic terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

The woman opened her big mouth and started complaining, and the farmer and his family were summarily kicked out of the market and told not to return. The city officials of La Verge issued the following statement about the incident, by way of sometimes real and sometimes fake news media outlet Mad World News:

blm brat 2

What’s your take on this? Was the farmer in the wrong? Or just like bakers who don’t feel like serving homos wedding cakes, should he have the right to refuse anyone he’s not  comfortable dealing with business?

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  • Dr. Chris Lee

    The Farmer was 100% correct. Black Lives Matter advocates are terrorists. They are the ones who belong in jail. This is a very good Law Suit case against this ignorant city.

  • sherri

    It used to be you reserve the right to refuse service to anyone what happened to that???

  • Theresa

    It sounds to me like the town is afraid of backlash. The fact is everyone is welcome at the market but you can not tell a stand they have to serve someone. This is all about fear.

  • Smilin’ Jack

    If she hadn’t been wearing that shirt I doubt that there would have been a problem.

  • Ragman69

    So it’s perfectly fine to say, “No shoes, no shirt, no service” on a sign, but to verbally say that would be discriminatory? Private business has the right to serve or not serve anyone. Our federal government does not need to be involved in telling a private business anything.