Blacks Respond To Paris In Worst Possible Way, Prove DEVASTATING Reality

black paris

As the world gathers around the people of Paris, there are a couple of hate groups, aside from the Muslim community, who are celebrating the tragedy of the Paris attacks, the biggest attack on France since WWII.

Would it be any surprise that there is so much hate and no support coming from the Black Lives Matter hate group and the Mizzu crybaby entitled black children? Have a look at some of these tweets and posts made by these mongrels!

racist black 1

racist black 2

racist black 3

racist black 4

racist black 5

racist black 6

racist black 7

racist black 8

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  • billwhit

    All these whiners are not Blacks, they are Pavement Apes, the ones who riot, destroy, lie, make up stories and expect everyone to believe it, they are the scuzz of our society, what you scrap off the bottom of a sewer. Blacks are responsible folk who are home watching these idiots on TV and saying the same thing I am, that they are racist idiots and fools. Blacks work, support their families, kids actually know their fathers because Black Families are like any other responsible citizen, no matter the color. No, these laughable Pavement Apes LIES Matter fecal maggots are not Blacks. Shows how ignorant, stupid, and racist they truly are!

  • Ahmed El Saadany

    What the hell is wrong with you, how can you generalize like that and say “Muslims” are celebrating Paris attacks??
    Can’t you understand we are paying the bill too and even first hand coz our ppl are getting attacked, killed, raped, tortured, etc… on daily basis from these savages since they are IN the middle east?! – like for example Lebanon bombing 48hrs before Paris that left 43 ppl dead?!
    And our official gov’s are at war with them like Egypt & Jordan?!
    No we are not celebrating the savage attacks, we are drinking from the same bitter cup that a minority of twisted perverted bloodthirsty group is giving us all… and i bet they’ll be happy to hear you say that – coz only then thier “mission is accomplished” if you get me!