#BlackLivesMatter “Art Project” Leads To Witch Hunt; REAL Culprit Was Not Even On Their Radar


This news footage appeared two days ago, shortly after someone at the University of Buffalo posted signs reading “white only” and “black only” on bathrooms and water fountains around campus.  The identity of the “hate criminal” and “terrorist” remained a mystery until Saturday morning.  It was Ashley Powell, a young black woman in her second year of a two year art program, who identified herself as the “artist” early this morning at a Student Union meeting about the hate crime.  The project was intended to bring awareness to the plight of black people… but has been identified by the school and its students as a hate crime.  Time will tell if she is prosecuted (Note: There is a BIG difference between “prosecution” and “persecution”, people…) for it.  Personally, I think the fact that the school conducted a witch hunt that did not include either blacks or women says an AWFUL LOT about race perceptions.  What do you think?

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