Black Woman Found Out Dead Vet Was On Flight, Didn’t Sit Well With Her

black woman dead vet

Neal Jette and his wife Julia Jette were boarding a flight in Anchorage, Alaska, bound for Seattle. They noticed an airline stewardess acting strangely, and were shocked to find out why. It seems that a Vietnam veteran was on board taking the ashes of one of his fellow veterans to their final resting place in Seattle, Washington.

Before the veteran got off the plane with his buddy’s ashes, a veteran known only as AJ, the stewardess stopped everything she was doing and shocked everyone on board by singing the Natinoal Anthem! Here’s the full story by media outlet

“Neal recorded this, and [luckily] enough he had his phone out to record it. I was fighting back tears!” she wrote.

According to the post, it happened last week just before the family boarded a flight to Seattle.

“A fallen soldier’s ashes were being carried home on our plane. He served 21 selfless years in our military,” Jette wrote. “What a moving experience and what an amazing voice of that Alaska Airlines employee!”

The veteran’s family, who identified him only as AJ, said he was a Vietnam War veteran with 20 years and 18 months of active duty service, as well as 18 years of service with the Civil Service. He died after retiring.

Jette said the singer’s sister reached out and identified her as Denise Snow, who also sang “God Bless America” at the 2015 Honor Flight send off.

“Everybody stood and it was silent,” Jette said.

“It was awesome to see the hundreds of people stop in their tracks to pull their hats off and stand at attention to show their respect,” her husband wrote.

More than 3,000 Facebook users have shared the video. One woman commented, “That is so touching. We all need to share more things like this.”

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  • billwhit

    Happy to hear that a fellow Brother in Arms made it back to his homeland, where he will RIP! God Bless him for his service and his sacrifice!