TAKE YOUR RACIST ASSES BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!….. They are The Black Panthers and it is an umbrella group for Islamic Jihad nowadays. They were there to harass the residents for sending two black illegal aliens to Hell with a Captain America Shotgun.

by Ronald Hinton



  • Rev. Bill Jones

    Race war coming !
    U dont mess with the black panthers!
    Now the war has started.
    Those folks in Texas better get ready cause the
    panthers r coming back .
    These people have no idea what they have done.
    Remember the R K L A RIOTS?
    Texas could be looking at that x 100!

    • donttread11

      That was the whole idea of the black panthers coming to TX, wasnt it ? The white people arent the ones starting the race wars……

      • Lothele Davis


    • I Hate Nigger’s

      You sure ain’t no Rev…you are just a thug ass nigger.

      • Me

        Stop with that racist word you are as ignorant and bad as the Panthers and your user name is disgusting

        • Lewis Brockman

          I fought and b was wounded for his right to voice his opinion same as yours

          • Me

            If you think he has right to say that racist term about fellow Americans…you are as bad as him and probably a closet KKK as well. Don’t you DARE use the “wounded vet” as an all clear to stick up for a racist punk (who’s racist comment was deleted btw) as the military DOES get some dredges of our society that slip by into our great Armed Forces because they were not fit for civilian life either and YOU are one of those racist and dredges of our society..NOT a Veteran to be celebrated NOR praised or thanked

        • alllivesmatter

          Go ride your Unicorn bimbo

        • I Hate Nigger’s

          That’s what they liked to be called.

          • I Hate Nigger’s

            I like black people…. But I hate niggers….they are two different people.

      • alllivesmatter

        Love your user name !

        • Me

          Only hateful racists KKK type would say that!

    • I Hate Nigger’s

      There is a bad disease in every race and color , and guess which one you are….you guessed right, you are the disease In the black race. There are blacks and then their are nigger’s and guess which one you are…You guessed right again. Just like in the white race we have white trash. So all in all crawl you ass out of the hole you are in and come down to Texas, you will have a nice welcoming party. One last thing…. It’s amazing that people in your race think you are a thug too…I have a few black Marine Brothers that think that. So wake up so called Rev….I don’t see how you gained that title… Before its to late. U.S.M.C.

    • Joshua Vandemark

      I just wanna throw my 2 cents in on everything this bill jones just said…
      1. Race war coming? Nah, that is just you running yo flaps because More people have LOVE in their heart than HATE!! Regardless of skin color, we are all AMERICANS!!
      2. U dont mess with the black panthers? Pretty sure the great state of Texas did and you all got in your grocery getters and bounced because no news reporters could get coverage of you talking sh*t over the yells of “U.S.A.”!!
      3. Now the war has started? If that was the start, I’d hate to see what it looks like when Texas finishes it.
      4. Those folks in Texas better get ready cause the panthers r coming back? Good idea, cause it worked out so good for you this time.
      5. These people have no idea what they have done? Pretty sure they do and that was only a neighborhood full of Texans and you wanna threaten the whole state? Not very smart!!
      6. Remember the R K L A RIOTS? Nope, but don’t let your mouth write a check your @$$ can’t cash!!
      7. Texas could be looking at that x 100? See reply to number 6.

      • Jean Allen

        Lol. ‘Got in your grocery getters and bounced’. Lol love that phrase! Mind if I use it?

      • C Reynolds

        Love it. You did good Joshua!

    • bill

      Texas beat Santa Ana and the whole Mexican army, do you dumb asses actually think in your pea brains that you would be any kind of problem at all, you will ALL wind up in body bags you stupid ass

    • Panther KILLER

      Bring it on you black bitch kittens
      If you really think YOU’VE got what it takes cause we’ve got what it takes to push you out of OUR state

    • Ron Esty

      Bill you need to Remove the “Rev.” from your name you are making God Sad!! You are no more a Reverend than Jesse Jackson, All Sharpton or a Green elephant are!

      • carole fox

        Good one, Ron.

        • carole fox

          Al Fox, NOT Carole.

    • e1313ruth

      You are dreaming or delusional… Black panthers or Nation of Islam will quake in far if they push it….You evidently do not understand the silent majority….The real Americans not the trash that are racist trouble makers..

    • e1313ruth

      If you had a brain you would know hat Obama senth is cronies to the muslim lands to create division, which resulted in civil wa , then followed by muslim terrorists taking over… This is precisely what he is dong to America today..

    • jholleye

      Well Rev, you honestly think that the white people are going to take tha kind ostuff forever, they have pushed till we are tired of it and NOW we are pushing BACK, them people should have stayed where they were at, But they couldn’t and now we are standing united and see if your people will get it.

      • bruce1942

        lock & load ”i’m ready are you ?

    • bruce1942

      try us cracker’s !

      • alllivesmatter

        Proud Crackers

    • Robologix

      Rev. Bill Jones, Rev.? Take the Rev. out, Read the bible. You sound like you are supporting these racist croonies….your writing states your believes, you sound just like a charlatan.

    • Lewis Brockman

      Bring it

    • Pam Sheffield

      We’re not scared, we’re Texans!!! Come and take it!!!

    • Billy Huff

      You don’t mess with Texas son! We’re not like up north or California, we don’t play games here.

    • alllivesmatter

      Your a f&& king POS Racist

    • Ginger Snyder

      Well bring their asses straight back to Texas we got guns and we are not afraid of these assholes spreading their hate here. They were so outnumbered and they had no followers. We will not be afraid of terroristic assholes we will stand and fight for our nation and our country. Unlike some of you other states that act like children and run and hide. Rev. Bill Jones for you to say we should be scared and start thinking there will be a race war we are all the same Americans this is no race war is it good vs. evil and we all bleed red so the black Americans will be right there with us supporting the movement. You sir are part of the problem starting racial tensions just like the media. We are Americans of all nationalities and we stand for our country. So please sir as a revered and American do not start spreading more hate this plays right into the black panthers plan.

      • Rhonda Eddings McIntyre

        thank you so very much Ginger for telling it like it really is. WE WILL HAND THEIR ASSES RIGHT BACK TO THEM AND ALWAYS WILL, BECAUSE PEOPLE IN TEXAS WILL ALWAYS STAND TOGETHER. GOD BLESS TEXAS. YEP. it sure did seem that we outnumbered them by many many. And, you’re so right, we’re not scared. We will fight til death. We will protect Texas til the end of time. This is all about a RACE WAR that they are trying to fuel. Plain and simple. We are mostly God loving people here, but we will protect GOD AND OUR COUNTRY always. Do not fall for the B.S. they are putting out there. they want us all to have a racial war so those muslim commie bastards can take our country, if you don’t believe that, I have some ocean front property in AZ for sale. LOL better pay attention AMERICANS, you need to start fighting for your own damned states, and rights, are they are going to declared MARTIAL LAW and take our freedom away from us. YOU KNOW THAT FOOL IN THE WHITE HOUSE HAS BEEN SAYING ABOUT A 3RD TERM. PAY ATTENTION, HE WANTS TO BE THE FINAL LEADER, THE KING………….NOT HAPPENING

    • Wxscotty

      Rev. Bill Jones. Didn’t you hear about the Biker gang shooting in Waco. Piss off Texas, and see all the Bikers come together. Pick any day of week and you’ll see them all over the state.

    • Jon Rose

      Do you think we would allow that. You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you. Think about this, we ain’t played cowboys and black panthers yet

    • Jon Rose

      Do you think we would allow that. You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you. Think about this, we ain’t played cowboys and black panthers yet.

    • Ash

      I am a Texan. Let them come and bring their little race war. Shit honey, this is Texas, everybody and their mama has a gun and knows how to use it. It’s one of the favorite past times of Texans. If everyone would stand together the way Texans do, they wouldn’t get far. And in Texas, most of us are color blind. We see family. We help each other. We protect each other. This isn’t about race and never should have been. It’s about criminals trying to blame someone for the justified deaths of other criminals because their feelings are hurt. The whole “movement wad based on a lie.. and it wad proven. But that isn’t enough for yall. Yall gonna keep airing the pot till you get what you want…. I’ve got news for you honey it ain’t gonna happen. Not in Texas. Not in this lifetime. And what kind of Reverend would fuel this? Certainly not a man of God. Do you really believe God would support this. “Kill all white people. Kill white cops”? I’ll pray for you sir.
      PS They showed up shortly after the murder of Deputy Goforth for their “protests.” They came here calling for the deaths of white people and white cops. There were over 11,000 people at his funeral to show support for law enforcement. There were police officers flying in from all over the country as well.
      and if you couldn’t tell, I’m proud to be an American and I’m blessed to be a Texan.

    • Starr

      You must not know Texas very well. We don’t give a damn about your racist crap. I’m guessing you have never stepped foot in Texas. You DON’T mess with us!! We have shown you before and we will continue to show you that if you mess with Texas, you WILL regret it. You forget, we aint like the rest of the pansies, WE DO tote guns and yes, we can get crazy. There’s a reason Ostupid don’t like Texas. BRING IT, WE WILL PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE AS WE HAVE BEFORE!! DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!!

    • C Reynolds

      Let them come back. TX will be ready. Sorry ass racist slime balls. Farahkan has been building his army but the power of the U.S. Patriots will prevail.

    • Dan Hermann

      Not going to happen in Texas. Too many conservatives with guns. Take your hate and race baiting somewhere else.

    • Brian D Shaw

      Who Rodney King? Who got beat in this? They got shamed. Grow up!

      • Brian D Shaw

        You are no Rev. Drop the self proclaimed title.

    • carole fox

      REV. bill jones ?? Whats with the REV. bullshit ?

      • carole fox

        Al Fox, NOT Carole.

    • Danny G

      Please, your ignorance is why our country is being lead down a gutter. Thankfully any Texan will welcome a challenge because all the other states will be inspired to rise and stand tall. You might think you scare but all you accomplish is to give AMERICANS the want to stand together as one.

    • nicky morris

      The people of texas are like all of us , bitch we dont give a rats ass about a bunch of black panthers that will be turned into kittens, you silly. BITCH !

    • Collin

      Why is ignorance like this even tolerable in your group, why would you want to start a “race war?”

    • TheMovement

      Yea,? Theyre going to be a big surprise fir yer pink panthers. We done warn y’all. Fuk with the bull and you going to get the horns with stones popped upside your fukn face…

    • Rob Wade

      Sorry idiot but you apparently have no clue how far we Texans will go to defend ourselves. You had better be sure all of your personal matters and funeral arrangements are up to date, because if you come here and threaten us you won’t be leaving here alive.

  • Smitty

    Bill Jones, you are an idiot, bring them racist peices of crap on…we will smash them…aint nobody here in Texas scared of “black panthers” we out number ya’ll 70% to 13%…you want a race war? Bring it on chump!!!

    • carole fox

      Atta boy,Smitty.

      • carole fox

        Al Fox, NOT Carole

    • Ccritter69

      But 98% of that 70% are little inbreed weaklings. Lets go!

      • Scott Smith

        Inbred weaklings? Then it looks like the weaklings sent those black panthers out of their community with their tails between their legs. Did you notice that when white people control the crowd, that there is no looting, no stealing, no destroying their own neighborhood, and no police getting shot…unlike when the blacks get together.

        • Rhonda Eddings McIntyre

          thank you Scott Smith, for seeing the big picture and telling the truth. that happens so rarely anymore. people are so stupid, calling us inbred weaklings? really? seems like we handled the situation appropriately, no violence, no ugly words, just bye-bye, c u later. that’s all we needed to do, or anybody else for that matter. LOL

        • Vesna

          Bravo Scott!!!

        • Merryl

          Gee, I wonder why.

      • James Brickner

        Ah guns the great equalizer

      • Pat Warden

        How many guns will your WELFARE CHECKS buy ya racist black piece of rat dung?

  • Andrew Bowman

    and THAT is why you dont fuck with Texas! this Bill jones fuck wad dont know shit apparently. The original Black panthers NEVER was like these Neo racist Black Panthers who are no better than todays Neo Nazi’s. Which you combine Neo Nazis and the Neo Black Panthers and will get your retarded child raping Jihad Muslims! SO quit talking out your ass and thinking you know something you god damned piece of shit!

  • Chad Been

    United we stand. Divided we fall. That goes for all. Together we are one. Divided we are chaos. We can not stand in chaos. They know this .Don’t allow the administration to control you cause that’s what they are doing. By feeding into their lies and misconceptions you are only giving them what they want. Wake Up, stand up, and do what you know in your heart to be true. Only you can change this. Peace,Love, and light.

    • antonio

      Hell yeah that’s fucken grade A right ppl need to wake up and stand up before it gets to late and we cannot do anything but fight a war and I think it’s coming the leaders of this country want it to happen for their own reasons because then we are easier to control

  • Richard Blaine

    my opinion: Every state, city, county and shire in America needs to do
    this to the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam to show them and tell
    them that we are not going to stand for their politics and their
    radical ideas and attitudes! This is America and we are not going to
    stand for it!

  • Rebecca Kendall Wham

    I find it heartening that there were no racial slurs shouted, only “USA”. Texas gets it! They truly understand. Wish I was from Texas.

    • jerry stokes

      From Texas? I wish I was in Texas!

    • Andy Bentherover

      all my ex’s live in Texas!

    • Collin

      Come on down to Texas, we ain’t goin anywhere darlin.

  • FedUP5877

    Had this been a group of white racist in a black neighborhood they would not have gotten out there alive, so despite all the vitriol there was no violence.

    • Merryl


  • Dorian Ramos

    Loved it. That was great. Please let Texas be a role model state for the rest of our beloved USA to follow. My hat is off to Texas. I am a veteran of Operation desert storm and retired law enforcement. I love this country and would lay my life down to protect it, from all enimies foreign and domestic, until my last breath. God bless the USA.

    • Ash

      Thank you for your service and sacrifice sir.

      • Dorian Ramos

        Thank you much. I appreciate that. God bless you.

    • Leisa Gates Less

      Thank you for your service

      • Dorian Ramos

        Thank you very much. Appreciate that. God bless us all.

  • fuck yall

    Ronald horn is a racist bitch… that’ll be all 😈

    • Tracy Johnson

      God. Bless Texas! Pray. AMERICA! ;)

  • Alexis Norambuena

    Send a message to Islam, lol

    • Ash

      They really have nothing to do with Islam. Most Muslims are actually pretty peaceful and their religion is very close to Christianity.

  • Ash

    So, they are protesting against white officers and calling for mass killings of white people in general. … did anyone else notice the white cop that stopped the biker from fighting them? Gotta love irony lol

  • Jerry_Morgan

    Did you notice those animals demostrating and rioting against evil… injured no one… destroyed no property and left no trash in the street. That’s the main problem Civilized People have. They don’t know how to throw a good Riot.

  • Jim T

    The democrap party stands with #BlackLivesMatter.

    • fahkir1

      Um… that’s Black Lies Matter.

  • Dan Hermann

    Texas may be the only, or one of the few that if the governor were to say we were under attack and bring your gun. Millions would show up with weapons you might not even know are legal. Best go pick on California. Liberals don’t fight much.

  • Lisa Perry Holliday

    Keep their asses back to where they came from!! And if it’s still in Texas, kick’em a hell of a lot farther than that!!

  • Ken Settles

    Well it looks like the silent majority has spoken loud and clear !

  • Clarence Baggett

    Christopher,please don’t call them hillbillies, they don’t live here in my mts.They wouldn’t last here 10 minutes. Thank Ya Sir.

    • Andrews AMarie

      they are everywhere in Missouri! You talking about that Ozarks? St Louis, Springfield,ks. Everywhere.

  • Scott Smith

    The Black Kittens definitely got their asses handed to them…and they went home with their tails between their legs. Did you also notice that no one was hurt, no neighborhood stores got looted, no police got shot, neighborhood buildings didn’t burn to the ground, and cars didn’t get smashed in? Now, if the blacks and whites in this video reversed roles, all these atrocities I just mentioned would have taken place because these little black kittens don’t understand that if you destroy your neighborhood, ultimately, you and your family are the ones who suffer.

    • Merryl

      Oh my, I wonder why.

  • Gto James

    Proud to b from TEXAS i ant goin anywhere can’t get any better then texas baby got to love no police getting in the way of texans because the law knows texans wont hurt there own community its civil her ant like yall yanky pussys we actually stand up for our freedom we could alwasy make jasper look like a fun place to b

  • kevlar stone

    Black panther punks and islam are Obama’s buddies.
    Time we start (thanking) every piece of trash that votes for DemoncRAT rat bastards.
    I am sure we know who they are, AND WHERE THEY LIVE.

  • Denise ogrady

    Great job Texas!

  • Nato Hinojosa

    Amazing how unimpressive that Black Panther scowl is with poopy drawers!

  • NWOslayer

    Obama has set race relations back 50 years. Smh!

  • fahkir1

    I wonder who paid for those suits. Obviously they don’t have jobs.

    • Merryl

      George Soros.

  • Anne Peskin

    I feel like we have gone back to the 60’s

  • antonio

    I would throw a molotov cocktail at those racist biggots that think that Islam is a religion of peace and the only true religion why the fuck are nig@$!s joining them??? I don’t ever remember them being ilamist batista and Christian but not ilamist fucken conformists follow your path not the path of a radical religion fucken nig@!#s

  • KenShe Rodriguez

    where da kkk—

  • filehawg


  • kcjenkins

    Very happy to see that the crowd of the ‘good guys’ included people of all races chanting USA as they stand against a racist group like this. Used to live in Pasadena, it’s a good town with good people. The way they dealt with the situation, without violence but with clear rejection of the violence the Black Panthers represent, makes me proud.

  • Robert Hewitt

    With all the califorinacaters moving to Texas for work, Texans are going to have to be hyper vigilant. If they aren’t liberalism is a virus that will spread like a Texas wild fire.

  • Peter Toth

    I’d say that was a nice warm welcome. Much safer and welcoming than anyone would get by them! If any group were to protest like they did, in their back yard, their would be bloodshed, without a doubt. How criminal organizations like the black panthers are allowed to exist, is an indictment of the current state of the country.

  • helenk3

    notice that it the police, that they are so willing to kill, that are protecting these scumbags

  • We’reAlmostCyprus

    Racists, finally on the receiving end…!!

  • We’reAlmostCyprus

    Wearing a suit and tie doesn’t make their agenda acceptable!

  • 2muchcafe

    Keep walkin, all the way GONE. LOL
    This needs to happen EVERYWHERE. They need to be treated as the TERRORISTS that they are.

  • Merryl

    Looks like in Texas they know how to get things done.

  • Oscar Lopez


  • nestor hernandez

    People are getting tired of the Black Panthers bullshit and BLM GARBAGE .enough is enough .all you black racists are garbage and people are getting tired of your shit .

  • Jim Butowsky

    white people finally standing up for themselves, nice to see.

  • whmustangs

    Well done Texas