Black On White Hate Crimes!!! Just The Facts!!! Farrakhan Encouraged 10,000 to Kill Whites!!!


Aggravated assaults show a ratio of 200 to 1 of Blacks on Whites versus Whites on Blacks. You will not believe the statistics concerning rapes and robberies (In the year 2010, Black men raped 13,000 White women and committed 39,000 robberies against Whites. In the same category, the White on Black figures were so small they had to be rounded to the nearest whole number…”0″.)

Does racism exist in this country? You bet it does, but Blacks are not the victims, Whites are! So, Farrakhan, according to you, we Whites should rise up and start killing your people. But, of course, we will not do that because we are civilized human beings.

You are a race-baiter of the worst kind and you are a psychopath. Like Sharpton, your people would do much better for themselves if they ignored or ever denounced the two of you. via TheOverviewer (if you like my post, please be so kind as to ‘like’ my Facebook page.Ov.)

by Wayne Ollick


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  • rct!

    You rape and assault our white women we will rise above and kill all you mf’s
    Were not taking this shit anymore white lives matter it’s time to justify for justice and the needs our help our cops need our help black people it’s enough
    All whites its time to do something we watched and we waited.
    Kill all hood rats only the thugs and there loved ones it’s time to kill
    Start this and show these black mf who we are. We tried to work it out were tire of racial tension with blacks they won’t stop. time to kill my fellow whites brothers it’s time to kill all thugs not the civilized blacks but those thugs.
    Kill kill kill kill

  • Norman Silva