Ben Franklin Warned Us 200 Years Ago, Look What Obama Said In Gun Speech

Franklin and Obama

One of our most famous founding fathers and inventors, Benjamin Franklin, was speaking about none other than current U.S. Dictator Hussein Obama when he gave us a very dire warning more than 200 years ago.

Having helped see the Revolution through successfully, from a diplomatic standpoint, as he was already well into old age, Franklin knew what these great United States should always look out for to avoid falling back into little more than a slave colony of indentured servants, as we were under Britain. The meme below says it all and is going viral online since Hussein Obama’s latest gun grab today, because when you look at what Hussein Obama said, it’s like going back to being ruled by old English Lords all over again!

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franklin obama 2

However, Hussein Obama is going to need some good luck in enforcing his latest communistic gun grabbing actions in a lot of local communities. Check out the clip below, where sheriffs from across the nation make it clear that they will NOT be enforcing the new gun restriction laws.

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