Ben Carson’s Top Advisor Wants Chicago To Hire Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam??!!


Could this possibly be true?  I’ve always admired Ben Carson but I’m unsure he has the ability to lead America as our next President.  I know, I know, there’s no way he could be any worse than the current resident, but if his top adviser is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, we really need to question who he’d put in his administration.

Armstrong Williams, one of Ben Carson’s top advisers wants Chicago to hire Farrakhan to help stem violence in the city.  He said that just seeing the NOI (Nation of Islam) soldiers walking down the street, it would inspire people in the neighborhoods to have more pride in themselves.  And those with no pride would know fear.  In fact, Armstrong Williams has been a huge Farrakhan for a long time.

Last week, Williams broadcast his radio show live from Farrakhan’s celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March.  (600,000 of that million came disguised as empty air)  He titled his piece that ran in The Hill, “The Nation of Islam Could Be Chicago’s Savior.”  Considering the fact that Carson has been climbing in the polls over his tough talk about Muslims, this story may be something Carson won’t want getting traction.  But, he knew who Armstrong Williams was when he chose him, so I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone.

“NOI brings to the table things other private security firms and the police don’t — credibility within the community. The NOI is one of the few community-based organizations that actually recruit in prisons and also offer transitional services to ex-offenders.”

Williams noted that NOI members known as the “Fruits of Islam”  (Or was that just Fruit?) had contracts with HUD to patrol Housing Projects in New York, Chicago and Washington.  There were some questions about how they were doing their job and there were congressional hearings and the NOI’s Fruits of Islam (Dang, I’m almost positive it’s only Fruit)  were dropped from all their contracts, and Williams claims it was a thinly veiled effort to prevent the Nation of Islam, because of their anti-Semitic policies.




  • Steve Brown

    Vote for Donald Trump. Don’t take any chances the situation is too dire.

  • LDB101

    Trump is a Shinning Star, he’s actually in it to Win it and Make
    America Great Again. He knows how to put together a good team to get
    things done. I don’t understand why people are hateful and try to find
    any thing they can to belittle him, look at all the prestigious things
    he’s built around the world, he didn’t accomplish that by being a loser,
    his views are do it right or don’t do it, his show was a good example,
    they done everything with class and by being tough and bringing the best
    out of each other or go home. I wish up on a star that people would
    come together and give the man a chance, how could it be any worst than
    where the country is headed. I’ve heard from my folks and watched the
    corruption for 50 yrs. We’re not haters we just want to “Make America
    Great Again” and you can’t do it without jobs for everyone and stop this
    run away government. VOTE #TRUMP2016