Believe Obama’s Crocodile Tears? Let’s Look Back At Things He Didn’t Cry Over

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Hussein Obama recently proved to the world that had he failed as a politician, he would have made a great actor. Hussein whipped up crocodile tears no less than five times when he lamented “America’s gun problem,” and then went on to once again use unilateral executive authority to impose even more gun laws.

But what about all the things Hussein Obama never cried over? Like our Marines who were shot and killed by a Muslim terrorist in Tennessee last year? Or those killed by all his drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen? Mostly children, or people attending weddings?

How about when beautiful model Maria Gamez was gunned down by Mexican cartel members armed by Obama, or Kate out in San Francisco, who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in the U.S. who’d already been convicted and deported five times?

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And we won’t even get into all the police officers killed in the line of duty in Hussein Obama’s war on cops! Nor will we get into all the Federal agents, like Brian Terry, below, who were gunned down by the illegal gun sales to the Mexican cartels in his ‘fast and furious’ scandal, the same scandal that would take the life of Miss Gamez, above.

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Hussein Obama has proven to be perhaps the biggest enemy of the U.S. as he seems to go after only law abiding citizens while letting the terrorists and true criminals run amok.

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