Barack Obama Has Thousands Of Children Caged! This Is NOT A Joke!

children in cages

This is not a joke, or a slanderous half truth tabloid story. Right now, there are hundreds, if not thousands of children locked up in cages, all because of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama! And it’s not just children in cages that Obama has brought about in this very large worldly city, but it is backed up traffic for miles and miles, and on a good note, cleanliness, for part of the city for a while, though it will be short lived.

Okay, here’s what gives. The location we’re talking about is the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This week, the leaders of 9 countries, all from Asia, except for the U.S., are meeting in Manila to discuss dealings pertaining to the TPP agreement. Basically, the Asian nations figure out how to continue to take advantage of the citizenry of each other’s countries by giving kickbacks to each country’s leaders, and they try to figure out how to get even more money from the U.S. while providing nothing in return. Business as usual in Asia, where Feudalism is still king and Capitalism is viewed as welfare from rich nations to peasant, third world nations.

The Philippines is a very poor, corrupt, third world shit hole, and the Government does NOT want Hussein Obama to see the country as it really is. So, just as they did when the Pope visited them last year, what they’ve done is, they’ve rounded up all the orphan street children and other street urchins and they’ve locked them up in the city prisons until the events are over, so that the visitors cannot see how destitute the people really are. They’ve gone around and cleaned the filthy streets (Filipinos just throw their trash down in the street, and piss in the street), and they’ve had the weeds cut down from thee feet to three inch grass level. They’ve closed the beaches and boardwalks in the area where the foreign dignitaries will be so the squatters and beggars cannot be seen.

This all gives the impression to the visiting foreigners that the Philippines is a clean, civilized country on the upswing of prosperity and makes them think it’s worth investing in. Now, once Hussein Obama and the Asian leaders leave Manila, the children and adult peasants will be released onto the streets, the grass will be allowed to grow back into weeds, and the Filipinos will once again rejoice in being able to throw their garbage in the streets and piss in the streets, as if they were stray cats and dogs rather than human beings living in the year of our Lord 2015.


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