[Banned Video!] Syrian “Refugees” Terrorize Locals! Watch Before Facebook Takes It Down Again!

syrian refugees terrorize greece

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Greece already has enough of its own problems, without taking on the problems of a bunch of third world, Muslim peasants who have already destroyed their own country and don’t have the balls to fight to take it back.

This video has been repeatedly taken off of Facebook and Youtube, because the bleeding heart left wants you to think these heathen third world peasants are “victims.” They have chosen the life they live, and now they want to bring their archaic way of life to a civilized Western neighborhood near you!

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  • Dennis Basco

    looks like ferguson

    • ShootsAlongWay

      Only with Dune Coons, instead of the Poor, Disenfranchised Blacks…SMH

  • Mike tiffin

    Looks like a good place to put guns on the wall and get rid of a few at a time say 2-300.