Ban These U.S. Companies For Supporting ISIS – Complete List Here!


Do you find it hard to believe that U.S. corporations and companies in countries that are considered to be U.S. allies are supporting ISIS? Is so, go back and read your history again. In WWII the most prolific German bomber would only run on fuel created by Standard Oil, today’s Exxon, owned by oil tycoon, and to date, the richest human (once adjusting his dollars to match today’s dollars) in the history of mankind, John Rockefeller. U.S. and ally country’s corporations have long profited from supporting both (or all) sides of any war.

The hacktivist group Anonymous recently exposed such companies for supporting ISIS. Here’s a segment of the findings, as reported by media outlet International Business Times:

Online hacktivist collective Anonymous has released a comprehensive list of websites suspected to be linked to Islamic State (Isis), together with the companies responsible for hosting the content. Many of the web hosting companies are UK, Europe and US-based, provoking criticism that they are complicit in disseminating Isis propaganda used to recruit members and incite terror attacks.

The latest release forms part of Op Isis (#OpISIS), an ongoing cyber campaign carried out by the amorphous group designed to disrupt Isis’ online operations and “cure the Isis Virus”. It was compiled by GhostSec, a prominent faction of Anonymous that has been monitoring Isis through its social media channels.

“These websites were collected by monitoring Islamic State accounts on Twitter and logging them over a period of three months,” an Anonymous member involved in compiling the list toldIBTimes UK.

“We believe it is critical for the world to see who is hosting this type of content and we believe they should be held accountable. These web assets pose a great risk as they are a source of recruitment for Islamic State and a communications platform used to conduct atrocities against humankind.”

The list includes prominent companies like CloudFlare and Yahoo! Europe, responsible for providing server space for the domain name and protecting the sites from cyber threats like DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

All websites listed below are frequently used by the Islamic State through Twitter and other social media platforms for transmission of propaganda, religion, recruitment, communications and intelligence gathering purposes. (Web host companies)¬†are unaware of their customers content or they turn a blind eye for easy profit and choose to accept bloodmoney. CloudFlare is by far the largest offender on this list and they have been made aware of the specified content they are protecting…¬†Together we can stop this from spreading and hold these companies accountable for their less than ethical business practices.

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    Isis is a Female Egyptian mythological name. Egyptican form of the Greek word Ist. In the Egyptian form it is a goddess of sky and nature.

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