BADASS Old Man Takes on Four Assailants, Leaves Them Crying for Their Mommies

knock out old man 1

Once upon a time- and I know you Millenials are going to have a hard time believing this one- but once upon a time, people used to have respect for their elders. Even when they knew their elders were wrong, they made sure to go out of their way not to disrespect them by disagreeing with them publicly.

Never would a younger person, in these golden days that have now gone by, even have THOUGHT of putting their hands on an older person.

However, times have changed. And in the case of the scumbags in the video below, I guess you can’t really say that. It’s obvious this altercation takes place in a third world nation, and throughout history and since the dawn of time, third world peasants have had no respect for anyone, so really, we shouldn’t be surprised when these peasants attack their elder. However, no one was surprised as them when he knocked them the ‘eff out!

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  • Didn’t look like young kids to me! Old man kicked butt though, lol! Old folks have nothing to lose, our systems don’t work right, we are in a constant pissed off mood, and not afraid of anyone, lol, so best to leave us alone! Beware of the old man who has worked in a profession, all his life, where most end up dying young, and that is us old Soldiers! We are alive because we know how to survive!

  • Sue Boclair

    These are scary times. Every American needs to be more alert than ever to what’s going on and the “scum bags” around us. Every one of us needs to have each other’s backs because you never know if you might need help one day.