Authorities Play Leap Frog Over Blacks To Arrest White Men Digging Up Confederate Graves

confederate vetereans

Before sharing the meme above, we researched it to find out whether it was true or not, and it turns out that it is. What this means, is just as it says; it is a Federal offense to dig up the grave of ANY veteran, including Civil War veterans, from the North or the South, as their graves are Federal Monuments.

Recently, the media has reported on a slew of grave diggers who are desecrating the graves of Confederate veterans in the South, and they are getting away with it. ¬†Well, a couple have been arrested, but there’s only one glitch. These guys were white.

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  • Shannon Williams

    OK I’m confused so why aren’t the black people that dug up a grave going to jail as well? Oh because the race war is more important and making the black folks feel better. Please this bullshit. You don’t mess with no graves and I think the black folks need to go to jail also.