At $40,000 Per Teaspoon ‘White Gold’ Is The World’s Most Expensive Food


At $40,000 per teaspoon, “white gold” is the most expensive food in the world. It’s actually a type of caviar (are you surprised?) that is derived from albino fish- their eggs, of course- and which is mixed with 22 carrot gold dust. It is served to some of the richest people in the world at some of the most expensive restaurants on the planet. An actual kilo of the stuff costs a staggering $300,000.00!


51 year old Austrian fish farmer, Walter Gruell, above, is the inventor of the white gold, and its proper name is actually Strottarga Bianco. His 25 year old son Patrick helped with the creation. They take the eggs from a rare breed of Albino Sturgeon that they raise. They are offering a discount at $112,000.00 per kilo to attract new customers, just in case you’re interested in picking up some ‘white gold.’ Gruell says that the gold dust is actually very healthy, stating that it is great for boosting the immune system.


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