Assange Agrees To Go To Prison If Obama Does This One Thing


B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President of the United States, was handed a Nobel Prize for simply becoming the first black man to ever become President. I guess the people at the award center decided to ignore that whole half white thing, making him no more or less black than he is white, when granting this illustrious award.

In the meantime, a man who is worthy of the Nobel Prize, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has had a warrant issued for his arrest and lives in exile on foreign soil.

According to online sources, Assange has issued a challenge to Hussein Obama. Allegedly, the WikiLeaks founder is willing to serve time in prison for espionage if Hussein Obama grants a pardon to Bradley Manning, who is suffering a major case of schizophrenia in prison and believes he is a woman. To support the lunacy of Manning’s delusions, the Department of Defense is actually going to use our tax dollars to pay for Manning to have a sex change operation and become Chelsea Manning.

Seeing the severe psychological damage his imprisonment is causing Manning, Assange has stepped up to the plate to save him, but alas, Hussein Obama is unlikely to accept this challenge.

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