ARRESTS After Damning Footage of FEMA Camps Leak to Public

fema camp arrests

Okay, why are prison personnel guarding a closed, abandoned prison? And why, when some of them speak out about it, do they get arrested?

Many people believe that Martial Law and FEMA camps for citizens is merely a thing of conspiracy theories. However, with recent civil unrest like we’ve seen in places like Dallas, and with mass shootings like that in Orlando, both incidences sparked and fueled by our President, Hussein Obama, a racist Muslim, we can no longer laugh these issues off as a conspiracy theory. Like it or not, Martial Law is coming.

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  • David Ziegler

    I saw this piece before. I must ask, Why are people working in a closed facility? And what are they hiding? I think that I will go to Duluth,Mn and check out the old POW Prison camp from WW2. Just for the hell of it.