Army Informant Claims Jade Helm Exercises To Use Live Ammunition!


A tipster anonymously contacted the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond with the following alarming information:

Please keep this anonymous- my unit is participating in Jade Helm, we have been given full combat loads for all weapons. It’s weird, all the other major training events involved blanks and simulated engagements but this sounds like it will be a live fire…people need to be prepared.

The group responded with this:

Sorry, brother. I served. I gotta call bullshi* on this one.

And then, from the informant:

It is complete truth.

The informant was then asked what unit he was with and his simple response was, “I’d rather not say.”

Only two hours later, similar rumors started circulating that law enforcement officers in South Carolina who are going to be doing some Jade Helm training with special ops forces will be using live rounds as well. Neither rumor can be confirmed, officially, but it does give all of us keeping an eye on the Jade Helm situation something else to watch out for.

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