Archaeologists Make Biblical Discovery That Removes Doubt Jesus Existed

jesus discovered

If you’re an American Christian, you know that you, due to your faith, are always open to ridicule. Now, should someone ridicule someone of another faith for their beliefs, they’ll be locked up underneath the jail! Especially if they poke fun at or slander someone of the Islamic faith. Heck, even the Department of Justice, it was announced after the Islamists attacked and killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California, will detain you if you are caught making any anti-Muslim rhetoric in public or on social media. However, if you are a Christian, you are fair game, and no one will come to your “square and backward” defense.

Many atheists and non-Christians love spending their time trying to disprove the existence and/or life of Jesus, but some shocking new archaeological discoveries is going to make that quite hard for these naysayers to do going forward.

bones boxes

A HUGE discovery that archaeologists believe prove that Christ not only existed, but that he led the life depicted in the New Testament, are these two boxes above. They are called ossuaries, and they are believed to hold the bones of Jesus’ brother James, and a high priest by the name of Caiaphas.

Nazareth housing

Naysayers have also for a long time mocked Jesus’ existence, because no dwellings ever found could be dated back to the appropriate time frame during which Jesus was alleged to have walked the earth. However, this changed in 1961 when dwellings in Nazareth were discovered which indeed dated back to that time frame. The image above depicts one such dwelling which is believed to be Jesus’ house.

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    still does not prove anything

    • Aurelio Nunez

      Then you need to truly read the BIBLE.

      • Warren Gacsi

        No, Aurelio: Spread he gospel is the command.. but not to be a clanging gong, or annoyance, as Apostle Paul wrote. Spread the gospel is to make it known, but only G-d can change hearts. It is not your job nor any other Christian to be a nuisance ”clanging gong”.

        • Gerald Treadwell

          most people raised to be against the WORD, have never even read it.

        • Jerry

          Jesus was a Buddhist, and everybody knows it.

    • Not Amused

      For those blinded by hatred, Christ himself could ascend down from the heavens and smack the living crap out of them and the blind would still deny him.

      Luckily, for those with faith, our jobs aren’t to try and convince these people of things that their hearts are against. We can only have healthy debate with those who are willing to open their minds and hearts.

      • Erin Reidt Hirschberger

        plus you will never convince many, as God has turned their harts away on purpose

        • Not Amused

          God didn’t do that. Their lust for ignorance did that.
          You seem as though you should be able to identify with those poor unfortunate souls..

    • Gerald Treadwell

      For those who believe to proof is nessarry, for those who dout, no proof would ever be enough.John 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

  • captaindandan

    Dear Ms. Janet Brown: I too was a lukewarm catholic–then my good friend Steven Clubb introduced me to a book called “EVIDENCE that demands a verdict” and the question of Jesus’ life are proven; there’s a chapter regarding the deity of Christ called “LORD, Liar or Lunatic” . Written by a former atheist Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade for Christ fame ! Yes, Josh came to faith in Jesus Christ while trying to disprove His resurrection from the dead. The book is available (cheap) via My wife is also a believer and she enjoyed PROOF of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection from the dead. Is your eternal soul worth the $10 buck it cost to read this fine work?
    “If our gospel is hid, it is hid to those who are lost; those who the god of this world (satan) has blinded the eyes and ears of those who would not embrace the glorious gospel of life.” Give Jesus a try. Have a relationship with GOD Himself via His Son. Amen

  • Anthony Sullivan

    I hope I get to walk right by the Atheist…

  • Isserharel Duvendevan

    You have a choice and no one will force you, and that is the beauty of the life we are given, we do not put our beliefs on you, and we hope that you respect us and our views.

  • KeithS

    “…they are believed to hold the bones of Jesus’ brother James” I believe that statement to be a load of garbage. My “belief” is as good as theirs.

    • Gerald Treadwell

      Athiests= the only group dedicated to fight against what they swear doesn’t exist…

      • KeithS

        No, you fool. They are dedicated to stopping this “magic” rubbish being thrust at them every day. Grow up for crying out loud. It’s just a load of crap, fabricated many many years ago by (mainly) men who wanted to control other people’s lives by pretending to know more about life, death, and the meaning of the universe than other people. Therefore you must believe them, or you’ll be sent to hell for eternity. Yeah, sure. Probably more people were killed throughout history by religionists, and it’s still happening now, only *this* time the god is called allah, and *he’s* better than the other god because….well because…we’ll kill you if you don’t believe us!
        There is no god, there is no afterlife, there is no heaven. Grow up and think for yourself instead of following the other sheep.