Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner Is Going Back To Work, Guess What He’ll Be Doing??

0C70C43D00000578-3171796-image-a-7_1437641828764[1]Oh the irony, former New York Congressman Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner is going back to work and you won’t believe where he’ll be punching the time clock.  The New York Post is reporting that Weiner, who left Congress in disgrace in 2011 due to a mistaken public text of his penis, will now be working on the board of advisors at MWW, a New York PR firm which specializes in…..crisis management!  The NYP goes on to say:

The company said it was “pleased to welcome” Weiner to its “board of advisers” and he will dispense wisdom about “the workings of Congress and the City of New York.”

“He is a brilliant strategist [with] expertise on many issues,” the company said.

“[He] will be a great asset to our firm.”

Apparently they didn’t catch how Weiner handled the initial sexting scandal or his disastrous mayoral run in 2013 where he again was caught sexting more lewd photos.  Or maybe he’ll be advising them of what NOT to do!

Seriously, we all know the only way this makes any sense is the political connections, which are pretty straightforward considering it involves Weiner.  “Carlos” is married to Huma Abedin who has been an aide to Hillary Clinton for years. The CEO of MWW is Michael Kemper, a prominent New Jersey fundraiser for the Democrats, who has raised more than $100,000.00 in the past 4 months for Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to

Connections and favors, it’s how Washington D.C. and the political class operate.

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