Another Attempted Mass Homicide But Guess Why You Won’t Hear About This One Either?

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Police shot and killed a man last night (7 Aug. 2015) for an attempted mass murder, in which he severely injured six people. However, you won’t be hearing about this one in the mainstream media. Guess why?

Again, it comes down to the assailant’s weapon of choice for the crime. You see, the man used a knife, rather than a gun, so there is no political agenda to be had here, so let’s just move on to the next story.

Here is the full story, courtesy of  KTLA5News out of California:

At least six people were stabbed by a man who was later shot and killed by police in Long Beach on Friday night.

The incident was reported around 8:30 p.m. outside the Windsor Gardens Convalescence Home near the corner of East Artesia Boulevard and Obispo Avenue.

Long Beach police were investigating a stabbing spree that ended with a fatal officer involved shooting. (Credit: KTLA)

Officers were responding to a call of an active stabbing when they caught the attacker in the act, said Sgt. Megan Zabel with the Long Beach Police Department.

Three stabbing victims were transported to local area trauma centers, according to Long Beach Fire Department spokesman Brian Fisk. A fourth was being treated at the scene, aerial video from Sky5 showed.

Police later confirmed an additional two victims.

“There are multiple victims who have been transported to local hospitals,” Zabel said.

A man accused of going on a stabbing spree in Long Beach was shot and killed by police on Aug. 7, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

The conditions of the victims ranged from superficial to critical, according to Zabel.

The identity of the alleged attacker was not released.

No motive was given for the attack.


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