Angelina Jolie Risks Everything To Defy Obama After Orlando Shooting

Angelina jolie risks everything

Only hours after a radical Islamic terrorist shot and killed 49 people in Orlando and injured more than 50 more, U.S. President B. Hussein Obama went on the defensive again, claiming guns, and “we” were the problem, not terrorism.

Most Hollywood liberal types are quick to jump on the gun banning bandwagon at such times as mass shootings, but Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelino Jolie are not part of that crowd.

Jolie has said in many interviews that she supports guns. She says she received a high degree of self defense training while preparing for several of her action films, and she’s admitted that she does own guns with which she would happily protect her children.

Pitt says that he owned his first BB gun while in pre-school, his first shotgun by first grade, and he claims that he had shot a handgun by the time he was in third grade. Like his wife, he says he feels safer knowing that he has a gun in the house and he claims that he always has one hidden somewhere and that he would not hesitate to use it to protect his family .

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  • got moxie

    There’s a first for everything, I suppose. I’m no fan of the cheating pair but I share a similar mindset in this conversation.