Americans Cheering After Petition To End Obama’s Illegal Actions Goes Viral!

(Watch) This Is How Hussein Obama Is Funding Hillary’s Campaign With YOUR Money!

B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history, is in his lame duck period, and most Americans couldn’t be happier. We’re counting down the days till the end of one of the biggest mistakes in American history.

Unfortunately, while Hussein Obama is in his lame duck period, he’s doing a little more than just golfing, which he’s done more than any five U.S. Presidents in U.S. history combined.

Currently, Hussein Obama is receiving approximately $30,000.00 a month in tax paid dollars salary to campaign for Satan’s daughter, Crooked Hillary Clinton, to replace him.

Fortunately, a man has started a petition to try to keep Hussein Obama from campaigning for Crooked Hillary while he’s still on the tax payer’s dime. Here’s the petition, by way of media outlet

More than likely, Congress will not de-fund Hussein Obama via taking away his salary while he campaigns for Crooked Hillary, but he’s none too happy that so many Americans wish they would.


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