American Soldier Openly Defies Unlawful Jade Helm Orders! Goes Public!

(Watch) Jade Helm News from The North A Sign of Things To Come In The South?

Contrary to liberal belief, not all enlisted soldiers blindly follow orders without thinking. All soldiers, sailors, airmen(women), and Marines swear an oath to the Constitution, not the Commander in Chief, who currently has the U.S. military, perhaps with the help of the United Nations, on a collision course with U.S. civilians. Many speculate the latest mass shooting, at a historical black church in South Carolina, is all part of Hussein Obama’s diabolical plan.

The online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond recently received this message from an enlisted soldier, coming clean about something definitely being up in regard to Operation Jade Helm, and his open willingness to completely defy any unlawful order given:

My name is Nick. I live in Upstate New York. Driving through Rouses point/Champlain, I drove past a mobile station seeing a few tractor trailers carrying a few military Vehicles on back. I myself am in the military…this is unusual and something we just dont see here. Ever. There is a military base thats about 3-4 hrs away (Fort Drum) but again just dont see this. My girlfriend called me a few days ago while I was out of town telling me that she saw about 15 military vehicles drive past the house. I dont mind if you use my first name but please dont use my last name. I serve my country for all the right reasons. Not for our Leaders or politics. This is getting out.of hand. Im an American and I will not stand for harming our people and follow those orders. No matter what is happening or what they have planned.

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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  • [email protected]

    Remember the Nuremberg Trials where the Nazi’s found out you don’t obey unlawful orders. Therefore, when given an un-lawful or un-Constitutional order you troops have 3 choices:
    1. obey
    2. disobey
    3. mutiny

    • Richard Bates


  • Richard Bates


  • Michael Boyle

    Pay attention! Jade Helm 15 is pretty much the groundwork for the NWO here in OUR COUNTRY.

  • birdwatcher

    You people need to loosen your tinfoil hats.

  • Frank – Vietnam Vet

    Vietnam was never won because of the drive the Vietnamese had to win – Guerrilla Warfare can go on indefinitely – Keep this in mind .

    • bodica

      America lost 50,000 of its finest young men.
      The Cong lost 1,000,000 and were not above conscripting small children, like Communazis everywhere.

      That being said, I think the US mission in ‘Nam was seriously hampered by the disinformation in the MSM, the left agit prop agents in schools and colleges and traitors like Kerry, Fonda et al., and lack of understanding by the American public.

  • Hugh Gaanus

    Quick get your tin foil hats boys! Shiites about to get reals :/

  • Jon Stinnett

    I had 10 apache helicopters I seen flying over Bandon Oregon directly over the town not the ocean like they are suppose to and the only military helicopters in this location that would be seen once in a while are Chinook and black hawk from national guard and there is not a bas here or near by at all and when the national guard chinooks and or black hawks fly over is they are flying over to go help fire fighters put out fires these Apaches were loaded on their sides with all kinds of missiles and flying super low and not fastit really startled me and most people around in my neighborhood were going outside taking photos as if the piolets are still our friends when they are really up to no good its illegal for a armed loaded military plane or helicopter to fly over a city they can fly unarmed over the ocean because its a helicopter to blow up stuff if it was a chinook or a black hawk it can fly over towns because its a transport helicopter coat guard flys over onva daily basis but Apaches fully loaded like as if they were all 10 ready for combat and over Bandon we are not a military town and my friends are seeing military trucks hummers tanks missile launcher trucks troop transporters and medic trucks I seen at the hospital they had red cross bus with people in the hospital having people signing up to give blood I never see that they usually just have someone at the hospital take blood it was unusual to me because during the war soldiers and civilians will need blood at the time

  • Marcus

    There’s been a looot of military activity in Colorado. I live by Peterson Air Force base and there’s been black hawk’s flying in and out every few days. Not to mention I saw a maaaassive military convoy of trucks on the interstate last weekend. It was so long I couldn’t see where it ended. There was easily 20-30 vehicles following eachother.

    • Hoodoo H

      In CA central valley saw full squadrons of unmarked black apaches with full ordinance 2 days in a row flying approx 300 ft alt.
      Never in my years here has that happened.

  • Joan Scoggin

    Tin foil hats, definitely. Y’all should worry about lyme disease and west nile virus, which are actually possible.

  • albany le

    Do not follow any orders that are against your own moral code, or you deem unlawful. Remember Neurenberg Just Following Orders got many people hung. I know they had no read choice, but JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS IS NOT AN EXCUSE as so many found out.

  • Jon Guill

    I too served in the United States Army for 12 years, with 16 months in Iraq. To say that these “exercises” are normal is false. The takeover of Wal-Mart Stores, all the movement of military vehicles and units, U.N. vehicles moving around freely throughout the United States, etc. I am advising everyone to be alert, because Obama is about to take us out. I urge all United States Military Soldiers and Units to turn on the corrupt government if orders are given to take out your own American Civilians. If Obama gives that order, the American Public can have the upper hand to overthrow the government if the military joins our side, and upholds their oaths to protect the United States and its Citizens against the domestic enemy (government). Under the oath of enlistment, you do NOT have to follow the President’s orders if they are unlawful orders.

  • rthomp8363

    The sheep believes everything the government tells them

  • Kevin Graul

    I drive a truck for a living and go all over the midwest, I have been seeing these convoys on almost a daily basis in indiana,kansas,missouri, illinois, kentucky, tennesse,etc, military vehicles being transported on civilian tractor trailers is becoming a very common site, my wife and I were in missouri a few weeks ago and seen military jet doing exercises just west of st louis!