American Patriots Storm Jihadist Camp On U.S. Soil! Feds Come To Jihadists Aid- Arrest Patriots!


The greatest Trojan Horse operation in world history has nearly destroyed the West. And we’re not talking about all those third world peasant refugees who have cleverly disguised themselves as starving degenerates who’ve sneaked into Western nations to kill the masses. No, there has been one more charade bigger than that that’s allowed the Muslim swine of the world to dominate civilized society and bring her to her knees, and that is U.S. President B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in the history of the U.S.

Hussein Obama has opened the path for his evil, Muslim brothers to kill all non-Muslims, even allowing them to train to murder Americans on American soil.

In the small community of Charlotte County, Virginia, there is a group of Jihadists who go by the name Muslims of America, who have their own compound. The compound consists of about 100 trailer homes and a mosque, and a huge military training course. Most of the Muslims who live and train at the Jihadist center are hardened criminals who converted to Mohammadism while in prison, learning to harbor a hatred toward the U.S. Government and all things American.

On this past 4’th of July, a group of patriots raided the Jihadist compound and demanded that the Muslims leave our country. The standoff was ended when the Federal Government stepped in, on the side of the Muslims, and arrested many of the patriots.

It was made clear to the residents of Virginia, and the U.S., that Hussein Obama’s plans to destroy America from within were NOT to be hampered.

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