Alert! While We Were Focused On The Election Obama Quietly Did This!

obama quietly did this

B. Hussein Obama is no friend to America. He’s been at the helm of “leadership” of our great nation for nearly eight years now, and any thinking man or woman can only ask how in the holy hell is America still standing after his reign?

While everyone has been yelling Trump this, Hillary that, and Bernie… well, Bernie something… Hussein Obama, at the most recent national prayer breakfast, declared Islam to be the national religion of the United States!

Via media outlet Mr. Conservative:

obama declares islam

Have you ever wondered just why it is Hussein Obama always praises Islam but always attacks and ridicules Christians? The short video below, which, ironically, Hussein has tried to have removed from the internet, explains why quite well.

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  • I Am Who I Am

    I Pray To God Jesus That He send A Lightning Bolt On His Head Amen

  • I Am Who I Am

    Father God Jesus Bind & Rebuke Obama For What He Said Amen .

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    bho needs to be relieved of his duties as potus, IMMEDIATELY, by arrest and charged with fraud and treason, before he can totally destroy OUR America. Please, do not forget that he can and will declare Martial Law to remain in office. If you think that he won’t do that, you’re living in a fantasy world. Everything he is doing at this time is leading up to a civil war in America.