ALERT: What Obama Is About To Do Will Make You SICK

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U.S. President B. Hussein Obama made if very clear at the beginning of his Presidency; his main purpose as leader of the free world was to bring America down to a level with the rest of the world.

In the last nearly eight years, he’s done just that. He’s supplied aid, funding and training to our enemies of ISIS, he’s signed an agreement which all but allows Iran to develop nuclear weaponry to use against Israel, and eventually, us, and he’s made sure that every special interest group from homosexual vegetables to reptiles that identify as thick cloud cover have special privileges at all public locations.

Hussein Obama has fallen just short of completely destroying America, thanks to the resiliency of the American people, but he has very well groomed a predecessor to finish his diabolical plans. Topping his list for his predecessor is to finish emptying GITMO, allowing the most deadly terrorists in the world to return to the battle field, and making sure that it is illegal, and punishable by law, to be straight, white, male and Christian in America.

Media outlet Mr. Conservative has reported that Hussein Obama is about to give his official endorsement to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who seems to have all but wrapped up the Democratic Presidential nomination. His endorsement will be an active one, seeing Hussein Obama travel to New York to launch insult campaigns against America’s last best hope, Donald J. Trump.

Hussein Obama has hand picked Mrs. Clinton to complete his devastation of America, after having well trained her in such disasters as Benghazi and her escapade with wiping evidence from private internet servers.

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  • government watchdog

    So what will it take to beat Clinton by supporting Trump. The Republican elites should either come aboard or resign from the party. I just heard that Bernie, Obama and Pocohontas are ready to throw their support behind Hillary. Paul Ryan should come out 100% for Trump or leave the party. Any Senator or member of Congress should receive no money from the national party if they do not support the nominee. I am tired of the media asking gotcha questions and making up the news to get Republicans to run and hide.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    How much will it cost the American Tax Payers for bho to be flying all around the country in AF1 campaigning for hrc? He surely will not be attending to much of his presidential duties while do that. If it looks like Trump will be elected potus, bho will declare martial law to suspend the 2016 presidential election to remain in office and keep his “so called legacy” from being destroyed.