Alert! ISIS Plans This For 4’th Of July- Obama Making Sure To Be Out Of The Country!


ISIS, after having just scored a HUGE victory by killing dozens of innocent people in Turkey, has announced grand plans for the U.S. over the 4’th of July weekend. In proper ISIS leader fashion, U.S. President B. Hussein Obama is planning on taking a trip to Canada during the 4’th, so he’s out of harm’s way from his ‘b team’s’ actions and so he can make sure NOT to be in America on the day we celebrate our independence.

Here’s ISIS’s evil plans by way of media outlet Mr. Conservative:

isis plans fourth july

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  • Tim Aker

    Bring it on! No better way to celebrate Americas freedom than kicking Jihad Muslim ass! Better stay the f**k out of my neighborhood!

  • joe haire

    Hussein Obama is a traitor to this nation.At least he is taking his stinky self out of AMERICA !

    • Joel Williams

      That’s Treason. Our President is no traitor

  • Meat Eater

    This Independence Day be more vigilant People, they are feeling cocky after the past few weeks