Alert! Crooked Election Fraudsters Not Counting Thousands Of Early Trump Votes Because…


One of the biggest frauds in U.S. election history may very well be taking place right now under our noses, and nobody, except Donald Trump, is even talking about it.

Trump has come under fire from the left in recent days for talking about how this year’s election is rigged. They’re writing him off as a conspiracy theorist, and a sore loser to be, but what they’re not talking about is all the forms of election fraud already going on.

Case in point: the state of New Jersey implemented voting by mail this year for the first time ever. How’d that turn out? Well, in three Republican heavy counties, hundreds of people voted early by mail only to have the post office stamp “return to sender” on the envelopes and send them right back to the voters. As of now, election officials in New Jersey are saying that since they did not receive the votes by the early voting deadline, those votes will not count.


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