Alert Alert Alert…Nukes Go Missing Along With $8.5 Trillion Dollars While We’re Being Distracted Worrying About Confederate Flags!!!


*****This is not an attempt to fear monger. This is a legitimate ALERT*****

This is a Resistance Journals exclusive, in-depth report and video which details why we have been inundated with distraction over the past month. I also explain eerie similarities to events in the past, and outline why we are in serious danger of a false flag attack! Please share this report & video everywhere and FEEL FREE to re-post! Get the information out!

The month of June was a hectic, agenda ridden month complete with false flags, engineered social division, divide and conquer tactics, and some of the biggest distractions we have seen in awhile. When the government engages in this type of behavior people like myself can’t help but ask why? Usually this is an indication that something is being either covered up, or the corporate media/government complex is attempting to steer attention away from an event, report, or scandal.

In this case, it seems to be all of the above. In times like these it is important to remain open minded and as careful as possible with the information at hand, as to always keep an open dialog for questions and updates. Speculation is not a valid form of reporting, because it is just that; speculation. However when history seems to be repeating itself with odd similarities that begin to look more like a playbook than coincidence, we have to take these questions more serious, while still remaining neutral without fear mongering.

These are the times where we need to stick together and work with each other instead of against.

Please watch our video that coincides with this report/video as well, about the FBI warning “Militia members” to be ready for the 4th of July.

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The Distraction of Distractions

Not long after the Charleston shooting, nationwide outrage began to grow seemingly out of nowhere against the Confederate flag. This sparked renewed debates about modern racism, class, and ushered in a tanker full of fuel to add to the racial firestorm that has been building in America, figuratively speaking.

While the nation was arguing, dividing, fighting, and debating nonsensical meanings of the Confederate flag (thanks to the Corporate Media’s ability to inject hate and negative emotions into the national psyche), the government had another trick up their sleeve.

The Supreme Court seemingly out of the blue decided to rule on the right for homosexual men and women to marry in all 50 states, which did so in favor of the right to marry. While this is a win for humanity as far as respecting individual and natural feelings and everyone’s right to love and be with whomever they’d like, it seemed to be done at a moments notice to once again, steer our attention from the real story.

Whats the real story? It has recently been reported that the Department of Defensecannot account for more than $8.5 Trillion dollars. That’s right — Trillion. It looks like this: $8,500,000,000,000.00

On top of that, it was just reported late last night (June 29, 2015) that the FBI is setting up “command centers” around the country to prepare for a terror attack with a time frame of July 3rd – July 5th. On top of that, the Fed’s are warning local, and state police departments and agencies that the threat is high.

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In the video attached to this report, (must watch) I mention how there was not just one recent incident of Nukes going missing, but TWO separate occurrences! This means there are several (possibly up to 20) live nuclear weapons still unaccounted for! Interestingly, the Charleston shooting that occurred recently, is in the very same vicinity that the missing nukes were reported to have gone (according to Infowars).  Sen. Lindsay Graham “warned” [on the very same day] that news broke that the missing nukes were heading to South Carolina, that Charleston could be the target of a nuclear bomb plot, if we didn’t destroy Syria of course — A typical way of covertly implying that they are about to pull a false flag.

With all of this information and all of the events that have taken place over the past 30-50 days, the stage seems to be set for some sort of event. What that may or may not be, is something we can’t answer until it comes to pass.

I should also add that alternative media outlets all over the internet are concurring with my summation and information, however many are missing several key points I have added about what is going on!

Please check out this important, short video I just released explaining everything that is going on. There are alarming similarities to what has transpired in just the last few days, to what happened in the weeks and months before 9/11.

by Andrew Pontbriand

  • Tracy Lee Valdez

    I don’t trust our government anymore! This is some scary shit! Why can’t we get that man out of our white house? There’s got to be a way to do this! Can’t we the people, do SOMETHING??????

    • Judylynn

      Hire a Militia to get him out. No one else is going to do it.

      • john smith

        That’s nit going go happen Obama’s thugs look so ready for anything.

    • john smith

      It will take a certified mission of suicide I think.

  • Den1stcav

    Not with this ass kicking Congress only Tray is for America and see’s what’s going on , they will try and silence him !!!!!!!!

    • john smith

      Tray looks effectively silenced/

  • booth1860

    Maybe the South will raise again or Obummer is a sorry poker player! Again, them HO’s are expensive or it’s in the Clinton foundation! This Mickey Mouse crap looks like it was put together by a jr. high kid!

  • Doug Smith

    While I have no faith in government…….the defense dept only gets half a trillion a year……… how can they not account for 8.5? Just sayin.



    • john smith

      Tgere is no ammo

  • aaron ford

    There has,been a lot of action on the east coast of the UK today. Black us heli-planes around in the skies here and chinooks……..

  • Russell

    that a bunch of bullshit to cause more paranoia in the public i love how jade helm got tossed into it also boy fishing in america is so easy just toss out a good sounding bait story and you bite like Piranhas

  • Andrew Gulak

    My favorite: NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED ON JULY 4TH. Dumb motherfuckers playing Nostradamus

  • rking111

    The fall of America found in the bible; go to