Alarming…New App Lets Big Brother Know Where You Are 24/7!!!

New App Records you and Tracks Your Location 24/7, 365 (VIDEO) 


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more surveillance state, an app comes along to put all wiretapping, bugging, spying, and recording technologies to shame.

Pushing the product worse than a late-night infomercial, CBC released a lengthy article yesterday detailing a new application for smartphones that records both audio and video while also tracking your location every second of every day.

It’s name: Alibi.

Professing the app is designed to provide witness services to those in need, the CBC doesn’t hold back, and neither does the app’s co-creator Ryan Saleh, when they bring up events like Eric Garner’s police-caused death — which was caught on video despite not having this Big Brother app — and despicable violence in the Middle East and Ukraine, saying Alibi could have been the remedy to save the day by setting the record straight in the end.

Currently the company making the app and the corporate news sources shamelessly promoting it say the content is safe, erased after every hour — unless you choose to save it — and won’t be collected by the company itself. 

Unfortunately CBC released an article last month highlighting the intelligence communities of several countries, including the United States, of course, have been hacking into app stores and stealing people’s personal information without those people or the app store’s knowledge. This revelation came from classified documents Edward Snowden — who is wanted in the US and currently living in asylum in Russia — downloaded from the National Security Association’s computers and then published. In fact, according to these documents, the NSA has been doing this illegal spying through smartphone apps as far back as 2011, maybe further.


From Snowden’s documents we’ve already learned that the US government has been working with many countries, primarily Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand — The “Five Eyes” — to spy on every citizen, document and save all the information they obtain, and share that information with each other to build a massive database filled with profiles on everyone alive. The security state has arrived. A brave new world is upon us.

Considering our Western governments said they wouldn’t spy on private citizens and save and disperse the information collected, and just as RadioShack promised they wouldn’t sell off their customers SSNs, home addresses, financial and professional information to the highest bidder, it would seem a no brainer not to trust that an app designed to track and document every second of every day of a person’s life won’t be hijacked, tapped into, and recorded by every government agency hacker on the payroll. ​​

Synopsis by Olan Thomas

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