Al Sharpton Gets The Worst News Of His Life – May Go To Prison

Al Sharpton News

Notorious race baiter Al Sharpton has always felt as if he was above the law, but those feelings have been intensified to a deafening pitch during the last nearly eight years that his best good buddy, Hussein Obama, has been in the white house.

While Federal authorities are all but stealing private property out west from ranchers, via their domestic terrorist group the BLM, for back taxes and unpaid grazing fees, Sharpton has been allowed to walk around an unquestioned free man while allegedly owing more than one million dollars in back taxes.

However, the “Reverend” Sharpton just got some really bad news. It seems that Hussein Obama’s administration just passed a new law that will restrict the passports of anyone who owes more than $50,000 in back taxes. If the allegations of how much Sharpton owes is anywhere close to accurate, this means the race baiter cannot travel abroad until his taxes are paid. Should he attempt to leave the country, he could be detained and held at the airport.

I guess Hussein Obama overlooked the fact that this net would entrap his best good friend Al Sharpton before he passed the legislation.

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The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Detain his worthless butt in prison, not an airport!

  • Ron

    I doubt if anything will happen to this creep as long as Obama is president…..

  • Roy Lakeman

    What reason would he have to leave the country? Doesn’t his reign of satanic chaos stay in the confines of the US?

  • Christopher Porozny

    ‘consciously enlightened’ but still calling someone a ‘notorious race baiter’?

    Seems to me you’re fucking hypocrites …

  • About time! I think a lot of the Tyrants of our Nation are about to see the end of their days, either thru dying or being sent to prison! Sharpton, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, and many others, from both sides of the isle, are about to pay the price for their corruption once PRESIDENT TRUMP takes the Helm! Time to Cleanse Washington DC of the Criminals and place Term Limits on Congress! Pray that the above mentioned names are in prison by 2018, serving long sentences so that they will never again be a treat to our Nation!

  • salong1962

    No let him travel out of the country then deny him access back in!