(Watch) Airplane Is Ripped Apart, Did Divine Intervention Save These People?


Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Salt Lake City Friday night are feeling blessed to be alive today after hail caused incredible damaged to the plane they were in.  According to ABCNews.com, some passengers were holding hands, some were crying and one passenger was messaging his wife.  Passenger Beau Sorenson told the Weather Channel:

The flight was initially delayed in Boston, “and the pilot warned us of a little chop as he was routed between 2 storms. The next thing we know, we are bouncing around in some very big turbulence,” passenger Beau Sorensen told The Weather Channel. “We heard loud banging sounds and saw lightning arcing on the right wing. We banked abruptly and descended sharply, by then kids were crying and people were upset.”

Hail cracked the two forward windshields, ripped through the metal on the nose and damaged the GPS system.  Pilots couldn’t see to land the plane and it ultimately made an emergency landing in Denver by using Autoland, which is used when there is poor visibility.


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