After Putin Hears Of ISIS Paris Attack, He Does Something Obama NEVER Would


This video allegedly shows Russia dropping phosphorus bombs on civilians in Idilb, Syria on November 10th.

It causes skin to melt away from the bone and can break down a victim’s jawbone, but white phosphorus – known in Vietnam as Willie Pete – is still used by sections of the world’s military.  Similar to Napalm, the chemical substance is used in shells and grenades, igniting spontaneously at around 30C to produce an intense heat and thick pillars of smoke.

Weapons experts warn that when used as an incendiary, it can result in painful chemical burns – injuries which can often prove fatal.  Further problems are caused because the substance can stick to clothing or on the skin and continues to burn unchecked as particles are exposed to air.

Prohibited under weapons convention

Though it can also be used to light up enemy positions, the munitions are also effective when used to firebomb opposing forces.  While the use of the material is not specifically banned, it is covered by Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons, which prohibits use of the substance as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations and in air attacks against military forces in civilian areas.

Though the UK and 80 other countries are signatories to protocol III, the United States is not.  American forces have admitted using the chemical as a weapon, for illumination and to produce a smokescreen to mask troop movement during combat in Fallujah.  The fact that the US had earlier denied using the material during operations in the Iraqi city hint at the controversial nature of deploying phosphorus against civilians.  Rounds of the chemical were also used extensively by Russian troops in the December 1994 battle for Grozny, in Chechnya.

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  • Mooseknuckles

    Allegedly, like the Ukraine Army have been doing against their own woman and children.
    Any real proof, not what someone told you that they heard from reliable sources that heard “it on CNN.
    Try a bit harder, journalist?

  • “The Eastern Diamondback”

    Sounds good to me. If you are going to attack people you know you are putting your own people at risk. They don’t care how ANYONE ELSE gets treated. Matter of fact they torture their own! I see no issue with this.