(Actual VIDEO!) Shocking Never Before Seen Video Inside An Alien Base On Earth!


For decades various people have claimed that there are secret experiments going on at the Dulce underground base.  Everything from reverse engineered space ships to human hybrid experiments have been alleged.  What do you think?

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  • Ward Speedy

    If you are going to do a so called documentary about us get your facts straight!!

  • deltaalpha21074 .

    I do know one thing I am a machinist and know the biggest and baddest CNC MILLS ever built and I can tell you ABRAMS tanks can be milled but try to mill the stones at PUMA PUNCA and you will shatter the bit which is DIAMOND and the head stock —those stones are cut at perfect 90 degree angles —BS humans did that so I believe something was here once for sure some stones over in SOuth AMerica are as big as the Statue of Liberty and weigh over 1500 to 2500 tons….who moved them who cut them and why is there so much evidence of and advanced race all over the planet?