Abilene Officer Murdered At Home In Planned, Coordinated Attack By ‘Multiple Parties’!!! Obama Wanted A Race War!!!

This is 10 Law Enforcement Officers in 9 days. Obama wanted and provoked a race War on the American home front. He should be brought up on impeachment charges now! Farrakhan called on thousands to target police officers and whites nationwide, he should be arrested now! When does this end? When do we as Americans say “THIS IS ENOUGH” ?????


Farrakhan called on thousands to target police officers and whites nationwide, he should be arrested now!

Little information has been made available to the public at this point, but it has been released that the FBI, Texas DPS, Texas Rangers and other agencies have joined in the investigation. Authorities have said this was not a random targeting of a police officer.

This ruling isn’t official, but a direct quote from the documents reads, “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder. [The officer filing the warrant] believes cell towers within the ten mile radius will have captured transaction between the suspects who were involved in this murder.”

According to a local news source, Big Country Homepage, a search warrant for cell tower information has been issued.

OFFICER DEATH INVESTIGATION ABILENE, TX – On August 31, 2015, the Clyde Police Department received a 9-1-1 call from a south side residence shortly after 7 pm indicating a man had been found deceased in the home. When police arrived, they found the body of off-duty Abilene Police Officer Don Allen. He was the only person inside the residence when found by family members. The manner of death was clearly suspicious, so the Clyde Police Department contacted the Abilene Police Department and Texas Rangers for assistance. All three agencies and the FBI have now been working through this investigation non-stop, and we will continue until those responsible are taken into custody. This investigation is being treated as a homicide. At this time, there does not appear to be any danger to members of the Clyde community, nor is there any indication that random law enforcement personnel are being targeted.

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I will defer all other questions about this investigation to the Texas Rangers, of whom Ranger Shane Morrow is primary. My primary purpose of this media conference is to give Abilene a keen understanding of the great man and great peace officer that we lost yesterday. Before Abilene hired Don, he was working as an officer in Cisco, Texas. He had been with that agency for a year and 5 months. What really impressed us about Don was the fact that he applied for Abilene and indicated he wanted to go through our full police academy, versus an abbreviated lateral academy. This entailed another long and grueling six months of training. He completed the training, and in doing so gained lifelong friends and tremendous respect for fully adopting Abilene’s core values. Officer Don Allen graduated from Police Academy Class 51 along with 14 other officers. As a peace officer, he had accrued 1,400 training hours. His total service time as a Texas Peace Officer was 3 years and 3 months.

Officer Allen is survived by his parents of Clyde, as well as two brothers and a sister. This family is heartbroken over the loss of their loved one, as is our police family. Parents should not have to bury their children, and this family certainly needs our love and prayers during this time. Officer Allen was engaged to be married, having proposed to his fiancé on July 12th. The Police Department, Police Association, Police Spouses Association, and our Chaplain have worked together to comfort these family members during this time. Visitation is set for Thursday, September 3rd from 5 to 7 pm in the Chapel at Beltway Park Church, located at 4009 Beltway South, Abilene. Services will then be Friday, September 4th at 10 am.

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  • Denis C. Flaherty

    This is a real tragedy….there is a day of reckoning coming…..