A Retired Soldier Bit Into A Whole Lot More Than Just His Burger At Burger King


If you’re like me, and you don’t eat at fast food restaurants, because, well… they’re gross, here’s another reason not to go. At least to Burger King on the Army base in Hawaii.

A retired U.S. Army sergeant, Sergeant Bartholomew, bit into a triple stacked cheeseburger he’d bought at the Burger King in the AFES joint Army and Air Force exchange at Shoefield Barracks, in Hawaii, back in 2010, and his tongue was pierced with a needle. He would later have to have surgery to remove a needle he’d swallowed from his intestines.

Sergeant Bartholomew filed a lawsuit against Burger King and the AFES exchange. He’s recently settled out of court with Burger King in an agreement which will keep Burger King and their meat supplier from further suit. Any financial amount in the arrangement was not stated in the media.

Sergeant Bartholomew is moving forward with his suit against the AFES exchange. He has since retired form the Army and now lives in Virginia. He’ll have to return to Hawaii when the case goes to court. The AFES lawyers tried to have the judge throw the case out, stating that Sergeant Bartholomew was “injured while in service” as their only reasoning, but the judge refused to dismiss the case.

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