A New Hit List Is Out And Includes The Speaker Of The House And A Republican Presidential Candidate


A new list has been published which includes Speaker of the House, John Boehner and Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.  To be accurate, it includes a total of 105 GOP Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen that need to be knocked off.  Knocked off as in being voted out of office, off the public dole and off the payrolls of lobbyists and corporations who pay them much more than we’ll ever know.  Or their tax returns will ever show.

The “Cantor List” is out and it’s a long one.  Compiled by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and named after the amnesty supporting (former) Congressman of Virginia, Eric Cantor, it includes 6 Senators and 99 House members that are up for reelection in 2016, who also supported amnesty for illegal aliens.  And they’re not talking about the little green guys from mars.  They’re talking about the ones who walk across our southern border with gang and cartel affiliations that kill and assault Americans.  Repeatedly.


According to Gateway Pundit, ALIPAC has a 3 part plan with “The Cantor List” being phase 1:

Phase 1 of the plan is being announced today with the official release of “The Cantor List,” which shockingly contains 105 GOP incumbents who can potentially be as vulnerable as Eric Cantor due to their documented support for amnesty for illegal aliens. The Cantor List is the first of its kind and designed to help American voters and candidates identify exactly who they should blame for the costly and deadly illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of America. All Democrats in Congress support Amnesty for illegals along with the 105 GOP lawmakers on the Cantor List!

The list is being updated daily with new information and voters are encouraged to send in any information they may have on amnesty supporting candidates.

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Information that will help voters be better informed about the candidates in the 2016 elections is always a good thing.

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