A Letter To The Traitor-In-Chief From This Seriously Pi$$ed Off American


Dear Resident Obama

I just watched the first 3 minutes of your speech about the mass shooting at the community college in Oregon where 13 innocent souls were taken today.  3 minutes of watching your fake anguish was all I could bear.  We Americans know what you’re going to say anyway.  Blah, blah, blah, lives have been changed, blah, blah, blah, gun control, blah, blah, blah, it doesn’t happen in other countries.  More lies and more of your political agenda to remove our second amendment rights.  But that isn’t what I’m really angry about.

Are you aware that we lost 10 Americans in Afghanistan today?  5 American troops and 5 civilian contractors.  Or is that something you’ll find out when you watch the news in the morning?  That’s assuming, of course, that our attention diverting, propaganda pushing main stream media even bothers to report it.  Lives have been changed by this tragedy too and those people were in that God forsaken, 3rd world sandbox because politicians sent them there.  As Traitor-in-Chief you could, at the very least, pretend that you care.  But then you haven’t bothered to do that in the past 6 years, why would you start now?

You are the poorest excuse for a President that America has ever had.

Signed, A Very Angry American

  • Jim Hull

    fallen on deaf ears. tragic.

  • chris jarr

    the people have been speaking for 6 years and no body in washington is listening they have been keeping him right there and helping him sell out our country, the people voted them in to do something and they just got in bed with the devil his self.every one in congress and the house is just as bad or worse because they used our votes to do just the oposit of what we wanted.just like our high court we have one in there and all she does is sleep why do we keep her and pay her .congress ,house ,high court and the oval office are no better than the thugs on the street.they are a gang of their own and exstort money from all americans to do a job they say.lol

    • Virginia Baldwin

      The presidential elections are rigged from beginning to end by the Bilderberg Group. Even some of the elections for congress are rigged. Once a socialists get elected, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to remove them.

  • Robert Lillard

    Courtney Moore, YOU are the definition of racist and, as with most liberals ( Democrats), it’s not that you don’t know anything, it simply that what you do know AIN’T SO.
    Obama has destroyed this country. He has made it way worse than before he took office. His healthcare plan ducks, his foreign policy has us ( and him in particular) bowing to every other country head, race has been set back to 50’s era, and he has weakened our military to the point that Russia will now step in and assume the role of the most powerful. You watch, this thing in Syria will soon be between us and Russia.

    • Questionman2

      As usual, anyone who hates Obama truly ARE racist bigoted scumbags!

      If you banned hand guns in the US–including their sale, ownership and manufacture–criminals don’t have an easy source for guns. You also then ban ammunition and its manufacture.

      If we were bombed by another country and Obama talked about reacting to it, would you call that politicizing a tragedy? No, you wouldn’t because it makes no sense, just like your hate-filled rant.

      He’s tired of watching innocent Americans die because some idiot with a gun had a grudge against society in general.

      Conservatives, on the other hand, see nothing wrong with politicizing another tragedy by accusing Obama of politicizing tragedies.

      obama is a good person. he has done many great things. besides legalizing gay marriage and providing millions with healthcre, he also helped veterans maintain a great life after combat and also has lifted the economy massivly. he has not done any of those things that you have mentioned and if i was allowed to i would vote for him for a third session as president.

      Muslims don’t eat pork, drink beer and support same sex marraige. he isn’t a muslim.

      He doesn’t hate America

      He isn’t a Marxist

      He isn’t a Communist

      He isn’t a homo

      He isn’t a traitor

      The UK are appalled by your gun laws in the US. SHOCKED, that any person can buy a gun and cause multiple deaths. Obama is talking for the rest of the civilized nations, not just his point of view. But of course the non-civilized parts of from the racists/bigots of the right that STILL hate having a black man as President!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvVxYHe63wk ============ LORD We Need YOU

  • aznative

    It’s an agenda to destroy this nation’s founding principles. He does not care about American lives period. Planned parenthood kills more babies a year than guns. And the violence and brutality in the Middle East that is experienced every day because of radical Islam is something that you refuse to a knowledge because it doesn’t fit his agenda. We the people are awake.

  • aznative

    More Americans are killed by planned parenthood than guns. And the Middle East is one of the most evil violent places on earth but Obama refuses to acknowledge this. It doesn’t add up. His statistics don’t add up. He hates this country and our way of life and our constitution.

    You were elected to represent America, but you don’t. You hate this nation because you were taught many great untruths about our nation. Every time you open your mouth to lecture us you lie and show that you have no real knowledge of the greatest nation to ever exist on earth. I find you to be jealous of Americans for our love of the God who gave us this great nation and for our respect of our constitution and freedom and liberty. The nation is the greatest nation on earth because Americans work hard and the free enterprise systems sets us apart from Other nations. We the people whom this nation belongs to can do anything. This nation is owned by we the people, not the federal govt. our founders gave us that authority period.

    The continued assault and attack on our constitution is an act of sedition by this man who would be king. No gun law is legal period. And once again another Muslim killed 9 people yesterday when they shouldn’t even be in this country period.

  • aveteam

    Cortney Moore, we absolutely WOULD LOVE to have a black president- Ben Carson!