A great message from Trump’s wonderful family


Say what you want about someone, good or bad, but you can tell a lot about them by simply looking at their children. Typically, white trash begets white trash (by the dozens), and the same holds true for ghetto garbage, but when you have four adult children who are highly successful business people in their own right, there’s probably good reason for it. You did a good job as a parent!

And the way your adult children speak about you speaks volumes! Here’s what Trump’s son Eric Tweeted out after the debate during which Trump completely destroyed Hussein Obama’s minion Crooked Hillary Clinton.


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The Giver

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  • Albert Lavorata

    it is a disgusting shame that the republican party doesn’t get behind Donald trump. when killery has every tom, dick and harry supporting her, and Donald is out there campaigning all on his own. seems to me that the republicans care to have 4 more years of obummer then they do to have power.