7 Ways In Which Trump Just Proved His Brilliance Via His Feud With Fox News!

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Just when it seems the Donald can’t get people talking about him even more than they already are, he proves us wrong and Trumps our expectations again! The following seven points about proving his brilliance via his feud with Fox News re: the Republican Presidential debate he skipped due to his ongoing feud with their anchor Megyn “bimbo” Kelly, is brought to you courtesy of one of our Trump Wall Facebook page followers:

No matter how you look at it; Trump is just insanely brilliant.

Step 1. Draw all attention to me boycotting Fox Debate
Step 2. Plan a fund raiser for vets
Step 3. Let all the dorks on the stage attack Ted Cruz since Trump won’t be there.
Step 4. Tweet during the debate like he does on the Democrats
Step 5. All attention is on him, all the media is talking about him
Step 6. Watch as all the low and non information voters say oh yeah I heard something about Trump on TV, I guess I should vote for him.
Step 7. Kick Hillary or Bernie’s ass and move into the WH

These 7 points are all spot on, wouldn’t you agree?

But not to be outdone, another follower had this to say about Kelly, posting as a comment to the meme of Kelly below:

She is very presidential for a Clinton White House. Imagine Bill following her around the WH with a box of Cuban Cigars!!!

trump crucifies kelly

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