54-Year-Old Woman Robbed By THUG, Shoots Him Dead… Here’s His Family’s ABSURD Response

thug shot dead

Man, just when you thought the entitlement mentality of people couldn’t get any more insane, you see this!

This armed, black teen was robbing a lady in Florida. When the 54 year old homeowner got home and caught the young, worthless, POS thug in the commission of the crime, she shot and killed him, perhaps saving a police officer in the future a lot of trouble, if not his life.

Anyway, look at the pure, entitled ignorance of his family, when they actually freaking ask how he’s supposed to get what he needs for school, etc. if he doesn’t go robbing.

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  • earlwatters

    she said he love learning will he learn today

    • hearmetalking

      His last lesson will last for ever

  • Jay

    Keep your useless piece of trash of a son out of strangers homes. Cross the line, welcome to castle law.

  • Don Dressel

    What’s the problem with breaking into her home to steal?
    He needed the money for clothes!
    Isn’t that what his sister said?
    No wonder this world is fucked up lol😜😜😜

    • TheMaskedUnit

      … school clothes.

      • Oscar Lopez

        No , for Chruch is what I heard . LOL !

    • Nick Mauro

      Correct she slaughtered him like the animal he is…

      • Marion Janis

        She was not robbed by a cat or dog or bear or
        lion . She was robbed by a worthless human being

        • Nick Mauro

          A worthless humam being is nothing more than an animal with human features.

  • West_of_I35

    Hopefully, he has not reproduced yet.

  • Don Wood

    No charges had better be filed for he paid the consequences of making someone else pay for his clothes because he lives in the hood. Well, now, he’s dead in it. Serves him right. UN.Believe.ABLE!

  • Rick Shuck

    I do not understand this stupid and ignorant people he thinks it’s okay to rob somebody cuz he needed to so fucken illiterate excuse after excuse after excuse LOL

  • Eric Green

    As crazy as this sounds, based solely on what I heard in the video, I would not be surprised if this woman is charged for killing this kid. She had a security system which the sole purpose of having it is so the police can be notified to respond; and they did. However, she chose to go back to the home, armed, for the purpose of what? Seemingly to shoot whoever was there. If he was already leaving the home when she shot him, then it is that much more likely she will be charged.

    • hearmetalking

      Erick you are 100% wrong. A person has every right in the world to protect their property. Please do not inject this liberal thinking into this situation.

    • Batters Box

      Yes, and as “crazy as it’s sound” is where you should have stopped.

    • Larry M.

      Yes, That way the tax payers can pay for his time in jail and also pay for the lawyers to get him out so he can Rob again…..

  • Sandy Miller

    I often wonder how with stupidity like the over abundance of it from this family, they ever make it through even one day. I am just as shocked that with the ultimately stupidity of this thug that he could figure out how to commit a robbery. I see that ridiculously ignorant sister on her way to hell too.

  • Mark Ashley Fowler

    aahh…a job?

  • Gregory H Velders

    SHOOT THEM ALL ! end of the FREAKING Story ! So dam sick of Ignorance

  • Deadman

    I guess this Black useless POS won’t be robbing anyone else
    about time he got what he should have. It’s time they learn their laws. Than we will see how many of there Black Lives Really Matter

  • HLH

    how he spossed to get his thangs for school??????????? WTF!!! try getting a job, oh wait, your dead so you cant work now.

  • angryplbr

    Bullshit, the cops are minutes away. She has a right to defend herself and her property. Rob and commit crimes this is your reward. Enjoy .

    • TheMaskedUnit

      They must not have had any pics of when he was 13 … or maybe that was the pic of when he was 13.

  • Pissed Off American

    1 less crackhead we have to support

  • Bruce Wayne

    This woman deserves a medal. Another Trevon- Geez!

  • taazz7859

    He knows it’s dangerous to rob people, I know it’s dangerous to jump from air planes, so I dont, stupid animals are usually killed off by natural selection, keeps them from breeding to make more stupid ones.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Send forth the best ye breed–
    Go bind your sons to exile
    To serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness,
    On fluttered folk and wild–
    Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
    Half-devil and half-child.


  • Hermann Suinimra

    “He loved going to school, he loved learning” ROFL. Yeah right. Take a look at him…

  • Joy Cochran


    • Eric M

      Not when you’re black in da hood. Go ax her!

  • Jane Goodwin

    So, we now learn that it is ok to break into someone’s home if you need money tor school clothes. Sorry, I am not buying that.

  • grandestgrandma

    he’s going to school?? What are they teaching in school? Rob Rape Murder???? He needs clothes tell that dumb family member that decent responsible people get a night job to clothe themselves, if they need the money and MOM and DAD don’t have.

  • Wayne Youngs

    Tell that dumb black sister that it is called a JOB on how to get money for clothes.

  • charleyhog

    he was robbing no excuses he needs money for school or whatever get a job and the sister is just as stupid give the woman a few boxes of ammo and a award for ridding the world of another thief

  • Oscar Lopez


  • Jon Smith

    too bad his big mouth sister wasn’t with him ….

  • Ron Carter

    He got what was coming to him bottom line

  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    This is one of those people that I truely believe is mentally challenged and needs to be put away for her own safety

  • Terry Henning Sr.

    Where do I even begin on what I think about this. Well, I guess I can sum it up in one sentence. And the coroner pronounced him “Good”.

  • Russell Grant Appling


  • SylviasDaddy

    Nautika (what a name!) cannot even speak English!

  • Louwanna Pfab

    I wonder how long it took the family to root through old shoe boxes and scavenge through Trevon’s social media accounts before they finally found those few pictures deemed worthy to give to the newscasters? You know, the ones where he wasn’t chugging a blunt, holding up a wad of ones with a twenty in front to make him look rich, throwing up gang signs and pointing his “piece” at the screen?

  • skHurricane

    I am sorry that this young man was killed. This family needs to realize he was robbing this ladies home had no right being there. The lady had every right to shoot him. He had no right being inside the home.

  • Eric M

    So… people in the “hood” don’t need jobs to buy what they need? They just steal it and that’s ok? Not where I come from! If I catch you on my property without permission, I will confront you. If you threaten me, I will shoot you.

  • Eric M

    If Obama had a son…

  • AJ

    Did that IGNORANT NIGGER , actually say , well how he gonna get his money to go to school !!!!
    Well he don’t need school money no mo !!
    But then MOST of the school kids actually worked for their money , but they be ALIVE !!

  • Mark Fern

    So the parents raised him this way.

  • Lord Layton

    I’m surprised her dumbass name isn’t ‘Placenta’.

  • Larry Hanson

    Excuse me!! The thug got EXACTLY what he deserved,…doesn’t matter what is the color of his skin.

  • Steve Marshall

    I’m proud of the lady. Little innocent Trayvon robbed her and got shot. He’ll never do that again. He should have stayed home and did his homework. The two girls who talked in the video are destined for the same thing, with their crappy attitudes.

  • Big Ed

    When he broke into her house he gave up his right to live. We DO NOT eff around in Florida. Take your chance but be sure you are ready to take what goes with it

  • Kathy White Lantz

    And that could have been Obama’s son. Think how he must feel. (Sarcasm!)