5 Hillbilly Reasons To Vote For Trump That Make Perfect Sense!

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On the Facebook page Trump Wall, a fan chimed in on five reasons that even those who don’t like Donald Trump should vote for him as President. In a quite colorful letter, the hillbilly wrote:

I will admit I am on the fence on who I think should be president. None of them are the greatest but unlike some I can’t just write off trump. People have some main reasons for not liking him.

1. Because he is rich.
2. Because he is a part of corporate america.
3. Because he is a d*ck.
4. Because he is racist.
5. Because he lost a lot of money at one time.

These are mostly what I have been hearing from people. However I can think of a response for each of them that leads me to not dismiss him.

1. So are a lot of other politicians. In recent years we have not really seen any poor people grow up to be president. They tend to be from wealthier families.

2. Yes he is a part of that. But politicians tend to be just as big of liars. Also he wouldn’t be the first person that wasn’t a politician that actually managed to a good job. Just look at Jesse Ventura. He was a wrestler and turned out to be a pretty good governor. Let us also not forget the govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger. He turned out better then many people expected. I am not saying he was perfect but he could have been a lot worse. For all we know Trump could surprise us.

3. A lot of people are d*cks. Almost every politician is a d*ck.

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4. People see him speak out against illegal immigrants and they automatically assume he is talking about mexicans regardless if their legal or not. From what I have seen he doesn’t have a problem with latinos or any other race. It is the illegals, the ones who aren’t even hear legally that he has a problem with and I am completely behind him on this one. They shouldn’t be able to work, get benefits or anything else if they aren’t here legally. Their breaking the law and should not be rewarded for doing so. That would be like me breaking into someone’s home, then decide to plop down on their couch and live there and be given stuff for doing so. It is just as wrong as that. There also needs to be some tougher laws on those who are working here that aren’t citizens. My step-dad knew a guy from mexico at his work that was here legally. He would live up here for so many months before he had to go back to mexico to retain his green card and stuff and still be a mexican citizen. The guy would take a good portion of what he earned here and send it down to his family in mexico. Now at first this seems like a nice thing but think of this. That is money that should be spent here in the US and should be going back into our economy. Instead it is being sent to mexico where it will be spent there helping out their economy instead. This kind of thing being allowed means that mexico could easily hemorrhage our money by sending legals to work here and drain some of our economy down into theirs. Something needs to be done about this but sadly I can’t think of any way they could really stop it.

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5. So did Jr. and Obama. Both lost a hell of a lot. Hell we can’t trust a Bush at all to keep it right. Sr. took us into debt. Bill got us out of it and good into the positive. Jr. blew it all again and Obama just took a bad situation and made it a hell of a lot worse and both got Elected twice. Yes Trump lost money. But he has also made a lot of money too. He could very well be what this country needs.

6. Ok here is something I have to add now. Unlike other politicians Trump likely will fund his own campaign. A lot of politicians, especially for higher offices don’t usually put a lot of their own money into paying for their campaigns. They get people to pay it for them. They make deals with other people and companies to get the money. Trump doesn’t need to do any of that. Unlike these others he is less likely to be able to be bribed.

While I may not be sure who I want to vote for just yet. I will say I am leaning towards trump.


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