4 US Soldiers Attacked In Egypt Name Of Terror Group Should Sound The Alarm!

dead soldiers egypt

Few Americans realize that the U.S. has had approximately 700 soldiers deployed in Egypt for the past several months, helping the Egyptians fend against an ever growing threat from terrorists in that nation. Recently, four of those U.S. soldiers were involved in an attack, an IED blast, that was launched by one of the terrorist groups.

So, which of the dozens of rag tag group of Middle Eastern hooligan Muslim swine attacked our soldiers?


That’s right. The very group that U.S. President Hussein Obama has armed in Syria, and in essence, armed in Iraq by way of Syria, and by way of arming an Iraqi Army who abandons their posts and all equipment, U.S. given equipment, at the sound of gunfire.

None of the injuries to the U.S. soldiers were life threatening and all of the soldiers are being treated. The event begs the question, however, “why is Hussein Obama doing nothing about ISIS, especially now that Americans have been attacked?” And of course, we can’t forget about the Americans who were barbarically beheaded by ISIS more than a year ago now.

At no time in American history would a sitting president sit by idly and do nothing when his countrymen were under such attack. But then again, at no time in American history have we had a president as useless and anti-American as Hussein Obama.


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