300lb Black Student Gives 60-Year Old White Teacher A Thug Beat Down For…


Amid what seems to be endless debate about the quality of schools, particularly inner city schools, we find this little gem…

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  • “The Eastern Diamondback”

    Obama will praise him! Sharpton will be silent. Jackson will be silent. More of our “WHITE PRIVILEGE”? Bet his mom get’s food stamps and he rides a tax payer bus to the tax payer provided school. ALL to abuse a taxpayer.

  • James1vc

    Do we really need gun control ???? NO , we need thug control and more guns to control thugs…………………

  • Jenkem Jones

    Segregation went away because it was so successful people forgot what they were really like.

  • TommyRay Sanchez

    To have that amount of hatred at such a young age reflects on the upbringing.

  • nestor hernandez

    Piece of shit fat pig that is why teachers should carry weapons this garbage needs to be beaten like the piece of shit that he is