3 Star General Informs Guardsmen ISIS To Attack THIS American City In September!

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While soldiers from the 19D Cavalry Scouts in 2/104th Pennsylvania National Guard Stryker Unit were taking part in their once annual training exercises yesterday in Ft. Drum, New York, their actions were halted so they could attend a very important lecture, given by a very important man- a man who wore the rank of a three star General.

The General thanked them men and handful of women in attendance for their dedication to the country through their service, but also issued a very dire warning. The General warned of intel which points to an impending attack by the Islamic State in the city of Philadelphia in September, when the Pope will be visiting. It turns out that U.S. intelligence officials have garnered chatter that indicates the attack and everyone is to be ever-vigilant.

This information was obtained via a message from a man whose son is  part of the unit who heard the General’s talk. The son texted his father, and the father got news to the watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond. 


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  • judyavelsor

    Philadelphia : what there could remind us of freedom . Also why are U.N. Humvees in U.S.A. They label our states “hostile “. Maybe it is the Adm. that is hostile against our people. As opposed to filling our country with illegals and people from the mid east. . finding murderers & criminals in our country. How very sad the President has done this to our country. No regard to our citizens .

    • You are right.
      I fear whatever happens will be before September but maybe he will wait until Jade Helm is ending to make his move.
      But trouble is coming not just to one city but to our entire nation!

  • Its a constant attack on America by this administration – This President acts like for over 200 years no President was able to run the government as he sees it – so he chose to do it himself with his pen and phone . My question is – If the people in our Government honor the Constitution as their oath tells me they do – Why is Obama still in the White House and not in prison ?

  • wjshelton

    Care to identify the ‘general”? I didn’t think so. Without that information, this post is meaningless.

    • Mazie Henry

      If he was IDd he’d probably would be DOA

      • wjshelton

        Yeah, right. I’ll believe you because… In short, this report is worthless.

  • Mark Warren

    No they cannot identify the general, or Obama will ruin him. He told the Guard, because, the military, under Obama, will silence anyone who threatens to defend our soil, and our military is banned from having weapons. The Guard has weapons, and are made up of US citizens, who want to PROTECT our country. Make sense now?