Something fishy is going on here.

We’ve all seen days of chaos coming out of Charlotte, North Carolina following the police shooting of a black man named Keith Scott. Mixed media reports say that he had a book, the family said he had a book, then all of a sudden we’re told he had a gun instead.

Pictures of the scene appear to show a gun near Scott’s body. Guess that clears it all up?

Too bad we don’t live in a world where that’s how things work.

We live in a world where police get caught planting guns on suspects they shoot and kill to justify murder.

We live in a world where elite billionaire puppetmasters spend millions funding civil unrest to consolidate federal power.

We also live in a world where government propaganda use against the citizens has been made legal, so the majority of society who watches the news believes they are being told the truth about what’s happening out there actually has no idea if they can believe even half of what they see on TV.

Psyops rule the American day.

Now, cell phone video coming out of the Keith Scott case shot by his wife in the moments before, during, and after he was shot show something awfully strange.

One second, there’s no gun on the ground next to Scott. Twenty seconds later, there’s suddenly a gun on the ground next to Scott.

See for yourself:

In the shaky cell phone video, Scott’s wife is yelling at officers that her husband doesn’t have a gun. They don’t listen to her at all, even when she yells Scott had a traumatic brain injury that might be impairing his ability to follow their orders properly. They shoot him.


For about 20 seconds after Scott is shot, his body is lying on the ground. No gun.

Second after second, there’s no gun there. Then, watch the shadow. Press pause repeatedly if you have to. It appears a gun gets dropped on the ground next to Scott’s body.

Curiously, his wife moves the camera away at just the moment when this happens, but not far enough away. The shadow of the gun being dropped is still clearly visible.

Now, why would police drop a gun next to a suspect like that? In any situation? First of all, dropping a gun on the ground is dangerous anyway as it could be loaded, but regardless, since when would police drop a guncloser to a suspect?

Makes no sense.

The gun’s location in the video also appears to differ a bit from the location shown over and over again in mainstream media photos of the scene:


At the very least, that gun was moved from its original position in the video.

So now the question has to be asked. Does this video show a gun being planted at the scene?

I’ve tried to devil’s advocate this situation and I still can’t come up with a legitimate reason why police would purposefully drop a gun next to Scott’s body that isn’t planting evidence.

Either way, this new footage makes the fact that Charlotte police still won’t release the bodycams and dashcam footage in this case that much more suspect as well… more time to tamper with more evidence.

Again, as much as this situation has blown up in the past few days, and as much as everyone wants to make this whole thing about race to bait and fuel the burgeoning manufactured race war in this country, it has to be looked at objectively and critically.

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And something fishy is going on here.

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