In case you hadn’t heard, George H. W. Bush just announced he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, supposedly in an “unprecedented” snub of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

George H. W. Bush ‘will vote for Hillary Clinton in unprecedented snub to Republican candidate Donald Trump’ 

Photo published for George H W Bush 'will vote for Hillary Clinton' in unprecedented snub to Republican candidate...

George H W Bush ‘will vote for Hillary Clinton’ in unprecedented snub to Republican candidate…

Former US president George H W Bush plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in an unprecedented snub of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, according to a member of the Kennedy family.

However, that’s just a BS excuse. Considering how close knit the Bushes and Clintons are (they’ve been ruling us for over 30 years now as America’s unofficial dynasty families after all), this really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Bill loves H. W.; he has also referred to George W. as his “brother from another mother”.

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Was there ever a doubt George H.W. Bush and his family were going to vote for @HillaryClinton ? @realDonaldTrump

For many, the fact that Hillary is being officially endorsed by George H. W. Bush is not a surprise, but it is yet another reason they will be voting for Donald Trump.

@Telegraph And a very good reason not to vote for her

@Telegraph shows that @realDonaldTrump is the right guy for the job. I mean the bush family backs hillary! That’s an endorsement of trump.

@Telegraph what a surprise all members of the same club

Yes. Yes they are.

@Telegraph Neo-con’s who receive Saudi money stick together.

@Telegraph @TelegraphNews
Between them two families they f***** up the world in the last 25 plus years

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  • akd

    Who cares who the Bush’s support. They are still licking the wounds that their little Jeb Bush loosing the primaries Anyway Establishment want to keep status quo so we the poeple can be ruled by the ruling class of America Bush’s and Clinton can maintain their wealth and power . None of them did the country any good . Bush’s Obama and Clintons brought the country down to the current deplorable status , now with Trump we have to redeem the country and make it great so all of us have a shot of making it