Major World Leader SLAMS Obama – Calls Him A ‘Son Of A B*tch’

obama son of a whore

Hussein Obama has not had a good time of it at the Asian Summit in China this week.

New President of the Philippines, Rudy Duterte, has been laying the smack down on drug pushers, Muslim extremists, and other typical Filipino third world peasant criminals since taking office only a few short months ago. Leaders in the West, such as Hussein Obama, have criticized President Duterte for simply doing what is long overdue being done in the Philippines, a beautiful island nation in the South Pacific with a very corrupt, dishonest and deceitful culture.

An American reporter asked Duterte what he thought of Hussein Obama criticizing

him for his decision to kill the criminals in the streets and in their homes, and Duterte responded by calling Hussein Obama a ‘son of a bitch’ for criticizing him.

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